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Tips how to rent an apartments during trade fairs


Any trip to Germany, whether business trip, travel or visit an exhibition trade fair, is always very interesting. But to stay in Germany was really pleasant and comfortable if one should take care of suitable housing. Lately more people prefer to stay in a comfortable and daily rent of apartments. This option is renting for many years and is a great alternative to hotels. Because daily rent of flats in Hannover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt (centers of trade fairs in Germany) can be much cheaper than the cost of a hotel room. But you'll have a whole apartment with kitchen and all facilities. Undoubtedly, this option is much more comfortable and convenient than hotels.

How to rent daily flat correctly?

So, if you decide to rent daily flats in Germany, please note the following tips:
• Traveling or business trip in trade fairs, take care about renting apartments for a day in advance. Start your search variants for a few months before departure to look at the pictures. The more good photos offers the lesser, the more the chances are that the apartment will be exactly as you need. Do not forget to check rates and the possibility of reservations.
• Ask the owner on the phone that is in the apartment there is all necessary furniture, dishes, hot water, etc. Specify the possible term of stay, as well as additional features and services. Some apartments have free Internet, tea, coffee, daily cleaning etc.
• Please note, who rents an apartment for you: the owner, the Agency, realtor or other companies. Of course, the most profitable to rent an apartment without intermediaries. But don't go looking for lease ads on posts or to rent an apartment at man with a sign on the station. In these cases, there is risk of getting on the Scam. It is best to pay attention to companies engaged in rent without intermediaries, that is, firms offering apartments which are their property. In any case it is better to choose a company that exists in the market already more than one year.
• After you have chosen the apartment is best to book her. However, the booking is not always free, so this too should ask in advance. Book the selected option, you can be sure that your rest or work will not interfere with convulsive search for accommodation on arrival in the city.

How to rent an apartment in Hannover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt?

Today, most visitors in Hannover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt seek to lift it is an apartment, not a hotel room. It is no secret that a hotel room in the center of cities is quite expensive, but renting an apartment in the same area cost much less. Yes and accommodation in a single apartment is much more convenient and more comfortable, than in hotel rooms.
However, going to rent apartment in Hannover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt don't forget that you need to exercise care. Because those wishing to earn fraudulently not enough. Perhaps the most dangerous variant removal of an apartment - from people offering to rent directly at the train station. It is best to take advantage of proven contacts, friends or go to a good company. On the Internet you can find sites of companies engaged in the rental and carefully consider their proposals, see reviews and book an apartment.
Choose a flat should be based on the purpose of your visit. If you come for sightseeing, it is best to choose the Central district of Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt to be closer to historical monuments and palaces and save time on the road. If you come to business trip, choose the option near the place of your business activity.
Before you rent an apartment, carefully evaluate the degree of its comfort. Check the appliances, sockets, lamps, hot water, condition of the plumbing. This will help you to avoid possible misunderstandings. Looking for a cheap, try to choose the optimal ratio «price-quality». Be sure to ask the owner of the documents to the apartment and read attentively the lease contract. It should identify all aspects of the terms, conditions and amount of payment, fines, etc.