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Rental apartments in Germany, cottages, houses, rooms for rent, apartments for business travelers and visitors to Germany. A perfect alternative to hotels - cheap accommodation and Luxury apartments.  Assistance in the exhibition: translators, photographers, promo staff, hostess and models, drivers and attendants. We are ready to answer your questions in the cities of Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich.

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How to remove the private apartments, rooms and flats during trade exhibitions and Messe.

At the time of the exhibition in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, where the cost of hotel is greatly increased, and many residents rent apartments for the accommodation for participants and visitors.
Apartments mit one, two, three and sometimes four rooms  are located in different parts of the city. All apartments in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt are fully equipped for comfortable living, a kitchen, bathroom and some apartments with balconies.
Our company has many years booking of apartment for visitors of international exhibitions in Hannover, such as CeBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna + and we have not received any complaints about the accommodation in private apartments.

The procedure for booking and accommodation:

1) Upon receipt of your request, we select accommodation in the apartment according to your wishes. Of course, as we approach the beginning of the exhibition, there is less of apartments next to exhibitions, Messes and fairs. We tell you the apartment address, send a description, it is sometimes possible to get photos of the apartment.
2) After  your agreement to the booking of a flat, we bill for accommodation in this apartment. Upon receipt of your payment - booking an apartment and pay the owners residence.
3) As proof of payment of apartments from our side we will issue you a voucher, which shows the address and telephone number of the apartment owner.
4) You must tell us the approximate time of your arrival, at which time you will have to wait for an owner who will give you the keys and show apartment. If for some reason you do not have time to arrive on time, you have to call and warn the owner about it. The phone will be listed on the voucher.
5) Meals are not included in the cost of renting an apartment. Typically, owners are left in the refrigerator a minimum supply of food "at once" - yogurt, milk, bread, etc.