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The contract of lease (rental) apartment in Germany.

  Everyone who has decided to withdraw or deposit needed housing rent an apartment (room)
in Germany (Frankfurt, Hannover, and Dusseldorf). On our site you can find the full sample, a legally competent lease of premises, as well as download a simplified version of the contract.

Contract commercial tenancy


«___» ________20____


The company «VIP accommodation» in the person of general director Manzyrkov Dmytro, acting on the basis of the Charter, referred to as the «Landlord», on one side, and:

Full name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Passport: _______________________ issued  by:_____________________________________________

On: ___________________________visa___________________________________________________

Country of citizenship: ___________________________________________________________________

referred to as «Tenant», on the other side, (jointly referred as «Parties»), made  this agreement about the following:


«                    »                                               20 ___

1.1. The Landlord provides to the Tenant for temporary use the apartment located at the following address:______________________________________________________(referred to as “Apartment”).

1.2. Lease Term:___________________ nights_____________________________________________

starting from Check-in time:____________  «                     »______________________________    20 ___

until Check-out time: _________________  «                     »______________________________    20 ___

1.3. During the Lease Term the Landlord provides to the Tenant the following obligatory service package:

(a) Linen and towel change every 8 days;

(b) Unlimited broadband Internet access;

(c) A package of international TV channels;

(d) A basic food package (tea, coffee, sugar, salt, spices, etc);

(е) Use of furniture, equipment, decorations, washing/cleaning/personal hygiene products, and other property located at the Apartment;

The service package specified above will be mandatorily provided and cannot be cancelled or exchanged for other serviced.


2.1 Price for temporary use of the Apartment is: _______________________________________per night

Total cost of services for the whole Lease Term:______________________________________________

2.2. The Tenant will pay the Total cost of services, specified in p. 2.1. of the Agreement, and will make a Deposit (50%).

2.3. The Landlord will return the Deposit at the time the Tenant vacates the apartment. If the Tenant violates the terms of pp.  3.4, 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11 of this Agreement, the Landlord will keep the Deposit as a penalty.

2.4. If the Landlord fails to provide the Apartment to the Tenant, the Landlord is obliged to: either provide an equivalent or higher quality apartment at a price not higher than identified in p.2.3 of the Agreement.

2.5. If staying at the Apartment becomes impossible (because of flood, fire or claims from third parties, etc) for reasons not caused by the Tenant, the Tenant is obliged to inform the Landlord right away. The Parties will sign within one working day an Act describing the factors that make the stay at the Apartment impossible. The Landlord within one working day will: either (a) eliminate the factors that prevent the stay at the Apartment; or (b) provide an equivalent or higher quality apartment at a price not higher than identified in p.2.1 of the Agreement; or (c) return the payment received from the Tenant, less the Total cost of serviced provided before the signature date of the Act.

2.6. If the Tenant  either (a) cancels booking of the Apartment or (b) changes the check-in date to a later one; or (c) changes the check -out date to an earlier one, the Tenant is obliged to pay the Lord a penalty equal to the price of one night stay at the Apartment.

2.7. All additional services not described manifestly in this agreement are provided at extra charge upon agreement with the Landlord.

2.8. If the Tenant  either (a) cancels booking of the Apartment or (b) changes  the check-in date to a later one; or (c) changes the check -out date to an earlier one the Tenant is obliged to pay the Lord a penalty equal to the price of one night stay at the Apartment.


3.1. The Landlord assures that he has full legal right to lease the Apartment to the Tenant.

3.2. The Landlord will provide the Apartment in good living condition without substantial differences from the description of the Apartment on the Web site of the Landlord (http://vipaccommodation-online.com).

3.3. The Landlord will fix all defects in the apartment that are not caused by the Tenant, will keep the Apartment and all property in it in working order. To do that, the Landlord's employees can visit the Apartment. If any defects or emergency conditions occur, or are likely to occur in the Apartment, the Tenant will immediately inform the Landlord about this and the Landlord will take appropriate measures to eliminate the defects.

3.4. If the apartment or property in it is damaged at the fault of the Tenant, the Tenant must repay the market cost of services concerned with the repairing the Apartment or repairing/replacing the damaged property. The amount of the repayment is specified in the Notice of damage signed by two representatives of the Landlord. The photos of the damages must be attached to the Notice of damage. In case of the Tenant didn't make the repayment before departure, the Landlord reserves the right to debit Tenant’s credit card for the amount of the repayment.

3.5. The Landlord will give 1 set(s) of keys to the Apartment to the Tenant at check-in.

3.6. The Landlord can visit the Apartment to clean it, to check its condition and the way it is used with advance notice of least 2 hours. In exceptional circumstances that require immediate action (fire, flood, etc.), the Landlord reserves the right to visit the Apartment without advance agreement with the Tenant.

3.7. The Landlord assures integrity and honesty of its staff and will assure proper level of security in the Apartment. The Landlord does not carry responsibility for Tenant's property in the Apartment.

3.8. The Tenant is obliged to use the apartment only for purposes of his/her accommodation. The Tenant will assure that not more than 1 people stay at the Apartment.

3.9. The Tenant must pay before departure for all services provided during his stay at the Apartment: telecommunication services, taxi services, additional services provided by «VIP accommodation» and other services for which apartment owner or «VIP accommodation» could be charged. In case of the Tenant didn't pay for all services before departure, the Landlord reserves the right to debit Tenant’s credit card for these services.

3.10. The Tenant will depart from the Apartment in Landlord's presence no later than at the Check-out time described in p.1.2. of this agreement. The Tenant is obliged to notify the Landlord about the exact check-out time before 14:00 of the day proceeding the check-out day. The Landlord will arrive at the Apartment at the agreed time to accept the apartment from the Tenant.

3.11. At departure the Tenant will return to the Landlord the number of key sets that is identified in p.3.5. of the Agreement.

3.12. The Tenant does not have the right to sublease the Apartment to third persons.


4.1. The agreement can be cancelled at Landlord's request in the following cases:

(a) If the Tenant does not follow the terms of this agreement.

(b) If the Tenant substantially damages the Apartment or Landlord's property.

(c) If the neighbors make complains about the actions of the Tenant.

(d) If the Tenant does not make full and timely payment for all services.

4.2. If the Agreement is cancelled by the Landlord according to p.4.1. of the Agreement, the Tenant will vacate the Apartment at first request from the Landlord; within two banking days after leaving the Apartment pay the Landlord: for all services provided to him during his stay at the Apartment, repay the cost of repairing or replacing the property.


5.1. The validity of the Agreement is established from the moment of signing until fulfillment the obligations by the Parties.




«Landlord»: Manzyrkov Dmytro «VIP accommodation»

Hinrichring 15

30177 Hannover

Bank number 25050180

Account number 26730340