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Staff promotion girls - models for exhibition trade fairs in Germany

The Company VIP Accommodation offers all participants of exhibition trade fairs in Germany the following services:
Staff promotion girls - models for trade shows. If you are a member of any exhibition trade fairs in Germany, then in addition to buying an exhibition stand, advertising campaign, the rent of photographer, it is necessary to ensure a reliable personnel who will assist at the booth during the exhibition trade fairs. We offer you the opportunity to order a most beautiful staff promotion girls - models for exhibition trade fairs in Germany. The working staff in Germany is called the girls-Hostess.
Today, no major trade shows are complete without a staff promotion girls - models or hostess. Their duties include meeting clients and invite them to the exhibition booth, handing out information and promotional materials, advice on all matters of interest to the guest. At any exhibition trade fairs in Germany promotion girls - models are always interesting to visitors. Beautiful girls hostess attract attention, create a holiday atmosphere. Of course, tell you about this product can only representatives of the companies that are aware of all its advantages, but to interest and attract the exhibition stand or booth potential customers will have more attractive promotion girls - models with a radiant smile. This is what marketers are betting. Ability to communicate with a beautiful girl will not miss any one man. Staff promotion girls - models on the stand - it's a guarantee that your fair booth will attract attention!

Thus, staff promotion girls - models or hostess - a person of your company at the exhibition. It creates a first impression of your exhibition booth, so the choice of such an employee must be approached responsibly. staff promotion girls - models or hostess should be attractive in appearance, able to communicate with people and have a nice promotional clothing. We will help you develop an original design and organize the sewing with the company logo for our models.
Staff promotion girls - models or hostess of our company took part in numerous exhibition trade fairs in Germany the most various subjects, ranging from food and ending with real estate and finance (CEBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Achema). Just before the show we will prepare a staff on all aspects of the forthcoming exhibition in general and your business in particular.

Call and we will find you staff promotion girls - models or hostess as per your requirements!
Graduate modeling agencies do not always get a tempting offer, and conquer the catwalks of the world for its beauty and bearing. Sometimes they have to settle for the status of personnel for the exhibition, staff promotion girls - models, or girls-Hostess, and that's not the worst thing that frustrated waiting for the model.
What are the responsibilities of staff promotion girls - models, and what kind of personnel demanded by the organizers exhibition stands and exhibition trade fairs in Germany?
Conceiving show the achievements of the company or a new batch of goods on the trade show, the owners are increasingly attracted to pretty girls on the role of temporary staff or staff promotion girls - models. It could be a model, and translators, and Hostess, and promoters. Female hostess model with a bright appearance, dressed in fancy suits with the logo of the company-participant of exhibition trade fairs in Germany attracted attention of visitors and media representatives. Participation models - is visible branding campaign, in addition, staff promotion girls - models typically performing other functions: helping to hold a raffle, hand out flyers, inviting visitors to the exhibition stand of the desired them. This is especially true for large exhibition trade fairs in Germany (CEBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Achema), when a potential partner or client is difficult to navigate and find exactly the stand that it will be interesting from a professional point of view.
Extensive communication and interest in foreign contracts necessitated the invitation as an exhibition of models of staff and interpreters. This is a staff promotion girls - models good looking, with a higher education, who know one or two foreign languages. Their mission - to promote the conclusion favorable to the organizers of the contract, and the presence of a beautiful girl in the room will work on the image of their company.
Hostess girls which also invited the girls of model appearance, usually already has experience in the exhibition trade fairs in Germany. The main objective of staff promotion girls - models, - close contact with visitors. It happens that the experts of the company did not immediately identify the organizer, for what purpose a visitor came here. Promo girls for stands should not miss the right people. Staff promotion girl - model should have basic information about the company's products, to help her make contact with those professionals who are interested in your services and products. It is hard to imagine a large exhibition with numerous staff members without staff girlspersonal; they create an atmosphere of business communication and help to establish the necessary contacts.
During important negotiations during the exhibition trade fairs in Germany opened to offer tea, coffee, drinks, bring their guests. Such concern for the client has to open communication. This task is assigned to the hostess stand - hostesses, the role assigned to the friendly good-looking girl. Staff promotion girls - hostess provides the order and cleanliness in the booth, sees to it that the visitor during the talks with the specialists of the company were filed his favorite drinks and treats.
In addition, for large-scale promotions at the show needed promotional girls for trade show-in a position to you educated boys and girls. They hand out promotional material, conduct tastings offer visitors to fill in questionnaires, which were specialists of the organizing company to collect the necessary statistical data for the analysis of market competitors, potential partners.
For exhibition trade fair in Germany has reached its goal, that it acted as a single coherent mechanism, and all participants are aware of their function, and this is drawn to the organization as a staff of experts, professionals and staff employed at the time of the number of trained models. Unable to find application in the modeling industry, a third of female models continue to build their careers in the status of staff for the show, settling later at other positions in the familiar company.