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Specialized exhibition Agritechnica 2013 will be held in Hannover from 10.11.2013 – till 16.11.2013. The main direction of the trade show - machine-building, agriculture and fertilizer. The exhibition is held in Hanover once in two years, in addition Agritechnica 2013 - this is an international forum, which brings together all the companies involved in agriculture and engineering. The results of the trade fair  Agritechnica 2013 2 years dictate the direction of development of the world agricultural and agro-industrial complexes. Exhibition Agritechnica began its existence since 1985 in Frankfurt am main. However, in 1995, Agritechnica 2013 moved to Hanover, where they built larger and technically equipped exhibit space, also in Hanover more developed industry hotels and private apartments. Participants and guests of the exhibition Agritechnica 2013 have an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts with partners from Europe, Asia and America.

Trade fair Agritechnica 2013 organizes the German Agricultural Society (DLG), which for more than 120 years helps develop the global farming and agriculture. The main tasks of the organizers of the Agritechnica 2013 - verification of the quality of agricultural products, development of agricultural machinery and forages for agricultural sector. Organizers of Agritechnica 2013 take active participation in all world exhibitions specializing in agriculture. Agritechnica 2011 gathered in Hanover over 415 000 participants from around the world: Netherlands (10000 visitors of the exhibition), Switzerland (9000), Austria (8400), Ireland (6100), Denmark (6000), France (5400), United Kingdom (5200), Finland (3300), Italy (3200). Poland (3200), Czech Republic (3000), Russia (2300) and Ukraine (1600).

Exhibition Agritechnica 2013 has the highest capacity of agricultural machinery in the world, with most of the exhibits farm machinery companies of European and world scale. Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover interesting and presented machines and tractors for soil cultivation and harvesting of crops, equipment for the harvesting and processing of soil, agricultural equipment on care of plants and processing of fertilizers. Special attention Agritechnica in Hanover 2013 is paid to the means of the soil and protects it from erosion.

Typically exhibition Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover begins in November, and the applications for participation in the next exhibition served to 1 February in the year of the exhibition. Therefore, in addition to concerns about the participation in the exhibition will definitely need to pay attention to the placement in Hanover and in advance to find a hotel or an apartment for rent. The matter is that at Agritechnica 2013 attracting more than 140000 businessmen, each of which is required in rental housing. In General, the hotels at Agritechnica 2013 booked already for half a year at the beginning of the exhibition, so the main way of accommodation for guests of the exhibition are apartments to rent. However, information on how to rent an apartment at the Agritechnica 2013 is not available to everyone, and contacts the owners of apartments, speaking German, but not all. Therefore, guests of the exhibition Agritechnica 2013 we strongly recommend to use the services of real estate agencies, in particular, our Agency VIP Accommodation. Specialists of the estate Agency will help you rent an apartment in Hanover daily, with special attention to nationality guests Hanover: we try to find an apartment with the owners, speaking the same language with the guests of the exhibition, to all arising questions can be solved directly in the masters. Our company offers various variants of apartments to rent in Hanover: luxury apartments, Studio apartment for rent, cheap apartments for rent, and rooms for rent. The advantages of private apartment to rent on the Agritechnica 2013 are obvious: the guests of the exhibition can save a decent amount of money, because the cost of the rooms at the hotel at Agritechnica 2013 in 3 - 4 times the rent the whole apartment. Besides apartment for rent is a comfortable, cozy, there is a kitchen where you can cook. Thus you can save money on food in restaurants. If you are a member or guest of the trade fair Agritechnica 2013, we will gladly help You to rent an apartment in Hanover, as well as help with qualified personnel, translators, promo personals, Shuttle driver and the photographer. VIP Accommodation offers a full range of services for the guests of the exhibition Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover.

Date: 15/11/2011 - 11/19/2011
Location: Germany »Hanover
Topics: Agriculture, Fertilizers, Engineering

Trade fair AGRITECHNICA 2011 - The world's largest exhibition of agricultural machinery DLG

Launched the first phase of Agritechnica-2011 11/09/2010
International Exhibition AGRITECHNICA is held every two years and is one of the largest international exhibition forums in the field of agricultural machinery and equipment. Trade fair  AGRITECHNICA - is not only a review of recent advances in the field of agricultural engineering: an exhibition identifies the main trends in the global agricultural sector over the next two years - just as often it is carried out in 1985. More than 2,000 exhibitors are going to Hanover, where the show moved in 1995 from Frankfurt-am-Main.
Trade show Agritechnica-2011 will be held from 15 to 19 November 2011 (Preview Days - November 13 and 14). Exhibitors 2011 Agritechnica receive huge potential contacts with the exhibitors and visitors from around the world - from Europe, Asia and America.
Organizer - German Agricultural Society (DLG) - politically and economically independent organization of agriculture and food for nearly 120 years accompanies and participates in the development of German and European agricultural sector. The main activities of DLG is the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practice, testing the quality of food, feed and agricultural equipment, as well as holding the leading international trade fairs.
Show exhibition AGRITECHNICA 2009 occupied an area of ​​319,409 square meters.  and collected in 2308 participants (1074 from 45 foreign countries), registered 355 118 trade visitors, including 80 175 from 81 countries worldwide. 81.1% 75.7% German and foreign participants expressed their intention to participate in trade fair Agritechnica 2011.
Among all European exhibitions of agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment Hannover Exhibition boasts the largest share of agricultural technology among the exhibitors. Here are all farm machinery manufacturing companies in Europe and worldwide.
Interest in visiting specialists Agritechnica particularly strongly attracted to tractors and vehicles, the whole palette of techniques for the soil, as well as machinery for harvesting grain, forage and row crops. In addition, considerable interest was observed in the field of technology for planting, plant care, fertilizer and plant protection products, as well as in parts and additional equipment. But many specialized supply, such as forestry machinery, vegetable Technology, for domestic use and care of landscapes, are not left without intensive attention of visitors. There is still a high need for information on all questions of bio-energy, decentralized energy production and plant materials. Much attention was drawn to the section «World Soil and Tillage Show». In an impressive display of international specialist visitors can obtain information about aspects of economic efficiency and soil fertility, prevent soil erosion and compaction her, as well as the impact of climate change on the ground.

Subjects of trade fair AGRITECHNICA 2011:

  • Tractors and vehicles for transporting equipment
  • Machines and implements for tillage and sowing
  • Machines and tools to care for crops and plants
  • Machines and tools for application of fertilizers and crop protection
  • Machines and tools for irrigation, irrigation and drainage
  • Machines and implements for harvesting (including grain maize and oilseed rape)
  • Machines and implements for harvesting forage and row crops
  • Machines and tools for handling, transporting, storing and preserving the harvest
  • Machines and implements for fruit growing, horticulture, viticulture and vegetable open field, as well as for growing spetskultur
  • Grounds Care
  • Forestry machinery
  • Agricultural means of production
  • Components, spare parts and accessories
  • Vegetable raw materials for industry and renewable energy
  • Direct sale
  • Management and maintenance services
  • Information and special screenings and counseling
  • Trade Used
  • In addition to demonstrating various techniques full program of events includes:
  • Plant protection and care
  • Refining and processing of crops
  • Regenerative sources of energy and nutrients, vegetable raw materials for industry
  • Vegetable growing in greenhouses, ecological farming
  • Electronics and software for agriculture, precision agriculture
  • Components, parts, accessories
  • Services for the sale of used equipment
    Management, information science and applied research


Traditionally Agritechnica begins with mailing documents to apply for participation in the exhibition (in November the year before the exhibition). Application deadline on stands - 1 February in the year of the exhibition. Confirmation of booking booth / service delivery of securities held in early May.

If you plan to attend AGRITECHNICA 2011 trade show as a guest, you need to advance search apartments for rent in Hanover. It is possible to book hotels in Hanover, but more effective option would be to find messezimmer Hannover or daily rental apartments at AGRITECHNICA 2011.