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CeBIT 2014 - best solution for rental apartments

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 17:26 Published in TRADE FAIRS

With 10.03.2014 on 14.03.2014 in Hannover - famous exhibition city in Germany will host the annual international exhibition of information technologies, telecommunications, IT and consulting services CeBIT 2014. The upcoming exhibition will be held in cooperation with the main partner - the UK. CeBIT 2014 is one of the most important events of the ICT market, information on new products and information technology refers to the prospects of the development of telecommunications and IT solutions. The main slogan of the exhibition CeBIT 2014  «datability». The exhibition  represents new products and solutions, making rational and efficient use of available data for industrial processes.

The main bases of the exhibition CeBIT 2014:

specialized it-solutions for business (CeBIT pro),

consumers(CeBIT life),

public sector (CeBIT gov),

For convenience, Cebit exhibition will be divided into 8 sectors:
Enterprise Resource Planning & Data Analysis, Enterprise Content Management, Web & Mobile Solutions, IT Services, Security, Communication & Networks, Infrastructure & Data Centers and Research & Innovations.

As usual, the exhibition CeBIT 2014 will be accompanied by a rich program for the participants, which includes round tables, conferences, negotiations, seminars and award for achievements in the field of IT technologies.

Hannover plan to visit more than 5,000 journalists and 60 bloggers, who will lead the reports from the exhibition stands of CeBIT 2014. The exhibition is of interest for all who specializes in designing and installing it solutions, telecommunications, and many others. The full list of participants and guests of the exhibition CeBIT 2014 will be published on the main website of the exhibition. Deutsche Messe AG.

Exhibition CeBIT 2013 in Hanover was visited by more than 285 000 visitors from more than 120 countries. Their stands provided more than 4,000 companies from all over the world. The main organizer of the exhibition is planned in 2014 pay great attention to the businessmen and professionals. With this purpose, will increase the cost of the entrance ticket to CeBIT 2014 to 60 euros per day. Thus, the organizers will try to limit the visit to the exhibition of private entrepreneurs. Although the prospect for Hanover questionable. The city and state, hotels, tourist infrastructure on the contrary interested in the exhibition was visited by as many people as possible. It concerns the hotel business. During the well-known exhibitions in Hanover, such as Cebit, Hannover Messe, Domotex, Agritechnika, many guests prefer to book hotels and rent apartments and flats for rent. That certainly brings money to the city. To limit of  participants and was excluded from the schedule of work CeBIT 2014 Saturday, intended for young people and residents of Hanover.


Consider the very important topic for guests of CeBIT 2014: Accommodation and rental apartments in Hannover during the exhibition. Daily rent apartments in this period (with 9.03.2014 on 11.03.2014) are very difficult theme. In Hannover welcomes more than 285,000 individual’s guests, half of which book rooms in hotels, while the another rest prefer to rent apartments, houses, rooms for rent. This type of business is developing quite rapidly, and now dozens of specialized real estate agencies are ready to provide guests of Hannover apartments for rent from cheap to luxury class. There are a lot of advantages of apartments to rent with comparison with the hotels: comfort and economy. If you choose an apartment to rent, guest of the exhibition not only saves on the cost of the object, but also to travel money and to cook food. Because each apartment has a kitchen with all necessary appliances, TV and the Internet. We strongly advise visitors CeBIT 2014 to rent an apartment in Hanover in advance 2-3 months before the exhibition, since the best quality for the price of apartments are reserved primarily.

Description of the CeBIT exhibition 2013:


The famous exhibition trade show is held in the small city of Hannover in Germany. International trade fair CeBIT 2013 will be held on the vast territory of the specially equipped halls with 05.03.2013 on 09.03.2013.

Exhibition show CeBIT 2013 - this is a unique international exhibition of information technologies held in Hannover each spring since 1986. Trade show CeBIT is the basis for establishing new business contacts, implementation of the newest achievements in the field of information technologies, telecommunications, office automation, banking services. The international exhibition trade show CeBIT 2013 is an international forum for specialists in the field of information technology and telecommunications for the exchange of information and experiences.


Accommodation Hannover Cebit 2013:


Of particular difficulty for the visitors of the international exhibition represents accommodation Cebit 2013 - hotels, flats and rental rooms, cottages and private homes for rent. The problem of finding b & b, apartments lies in the fact that visitors to the small town of Hannover during the international trade show CeBIT 2013 much, and hotels and hotels, small, and the price of accommodation in Hannover during the exhibition, increases by several times. The perfect solution, allowing saving time and money, will be the rent of apartments and rooms. This service is managed by our company VIP Accommodation. We offer You the following apartments for the accommodation for the period of the exhibition CeBIT 2013.


The nature of the international exhibition CeBIT 2013:


CeBIT is justified is the leader in the cohort of the world's leading events of the ICT market. International l trade show CeBIT 2013 indicates its prospects, acquaints with new technologies, and also plays an important role in the Informatization of various spheres of activity. Every year the event selects the official partner: the CeBIT 2013 - this is Poland. The leitmotif of the exhibition CeBIT 2012 were selected confidence and security in the digital space, as in the state policy, and in interaction with consumers. In 2013 the main trend of the international exhibition trade show CeBIT 2013 declared a participatory economy, in the basis of which is not the possession of, and the exchange or sharing. Topic characterizes the company from the point of view of the efficient allocation of resources, as well as mutually beneficial cooperation in different fields of business. The cluster of digital information and telecommunication technologies unites the four segments of the industry: the specialized it-solutions for business (CeBIT pro), consumers (CeBIT life), public sector (CeBIT gov), the scientific research and the development of innovations (CeBIT lab).

The organizers of the CeBIT 2013 is planned rich accompanying program - seminars, round tables, discussions and award ceremony for outstanding achievements in the it industry. The exhibition is expected the presence of more than 5,000 journalists and bloggers from around 60 countries, which will have live reports from the center of the digital industry.


The audience of the exhibition CeBIT 2013 :


Visit to the international exhibition will be interesting for companies specializing in the development and implementation of it solutions, developers, managers and project managers, specialists in the sphere of telecommunication technologies, journalists, representatives of Internet-editions.


The results of the exhibition trade fair CeBIT 2012 Hannover. Official statistics:


- exhibition area of 85 000 sq.m.;

- the number of participants - 4 240 exhibitors from 70 countries;

- the number of visitors of the exhibition amounted to 312 000 people from 110 countries, 50 000 came from abroad ;

- number of journalists at the exhibition - 5 100 people from 65 countries.

Participants from the different countries of the world, such as Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Spain, South Africa, India, Japan, the United Kingdom will present at the exhibition CeBIT 2013 novelties and determine the trends of the industry, as well as will hold the presentation of new products and services. The main target group at CeBIT 2013 will be specialists from different sectors of industry, wholesale and retail trade, workers of banks, the specialists of the services sector, government agencies.


The exhibited products CeBIT 2012:


It services



Computer equipment


Banking technologies



Network technologies


Data protection

Research and development


The work CeBIT 2013 daily from 09.00 to 18.00


Exhibition CeBIT 2013 Hannover is the largest international exhibition of information technologies, is held once a year since 1986. The organizers of the exhibition are the Deutsche Messe AG. CeBIT 2013 is one of the leading industrial exhibitions, which presents new digital technologies and telecommunications solutions, used for both homes and office. It should be noted, that for today the market of information technologies and telecommunications is experiencing rapid growth, in connection with what is already not the first year the international trade show CeBIT 2013 Hannover visit leading world experts and industry professionals.

For the convenience of visitors the trade fair  CeBIT 2013 will be distributed in four thematic areas: CeBIT Pro, CeBIT GOV, CeBIT life, CeBIT lab. One of the main purposes of the exhibition CeBIT 2013 is the introduction of the newest developments in the field of information technology, financial services, banking and network technologies, communications. Participation in the exhibition CeBIT 2013 opportunity to meet with leaders in the industry, demonstrate their latest developments to strengthen existing relations with customers and suppliers, expand the market. 


Forecasts of the exhibition trade fair CeBIT 2013 Hannover:


In 2013 it is expected, that the program of the exhibition CeBIT 2012 will be full of unique and various programs that will include the holding of conferences and presentations, forums and seminars. Participating in the events, the visitors and exhibitors will be able to learn from the world of industry experts about the latest trends in the industry, as well as get acquainted with different solutions applied in the sector of information technologies and communications.

CeBIT 2012 in Hannover - best trade fair

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 11:41 Published in TRADE FAIRS

Exhibition fair CeBIT - the largest international technology exhibition in Hanover of information technologies. It takes place in Hanover every year since 1986. CeBIT trade fair is organized by Deutsche Messe AG. CeBIT technology exhibition is one of the leading industry trade shows, which demonstrates the new digital technology and telecommunications solutions that are used for both home and office. It should be noted that at present the market for information technology and telecommunications is undergoing rapid growth, in connection with nothing more than a year visit the CeBIT exhibition of the world's leading experts and industry professionals.
Participants of CeBIT  trade fair are from different countries such as Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Spain, South Africa, India, Japan, Great Britain will present at CeBIT 2012 and will identify new industry trends, and will present new products and services. The main target group at the CeBIT 2012 made by experts from different sectors of industry, wholesale and retail trade, bank employees, experts of the service sector, government agencies.
For the convenience of visitors to CeBIT 2012 exhibition will be divided into four thematic areas: CeBIT Pro, CeBIT GOV, CeBIT life, CeBIT lab. One of the main purposes of the CeBIT 2012 is the introduction of the latest developments in information technology, financial services, banking, and networking and communications. Participation in the exhibition CeBIT 2012 allows you to meet with industry leaders to showcase their latest products, strengthen existing relationships with customers and suppliers, and expand the market.
The main theme of the exhibition trade show CeBIT 2012:
Information Technology
IT Services
Computer equipment
Banking Technologies
Network Technology
Data protection
Research and development
In 2012 it is expected that the program at CeBIT 2012 trade show will be full of unique and diverse programs, which will include conferences and presentations, forums and seminars. Participating in organized events, visitors and exhibitors will be able to learn from world experts in the industry about the latest trends in the industry, as well as get acquainted with the various solutions used in the sector of information technology and communications.
Statistics at CeBIT 2011 trade show:
The exhibit space was 282,200 square meters. More than 3612 exhibitors from 73 countries took part in last year's CeBIT. The exhibition was visited by 322,550 people, 50,963 of them from around the world.
If you plan to attend CeBIT 2012 trade show as a guest, you need to advance search apartments for rent in Hanover. It is possible to book hotels in Hanover, but more effective option would be to find messezimmer Hannover or daily rental apartments at CeBIT 2012.

Accommodation in Hannover

Monday, 31 October 2011 18:34 Published in Realty

Hanover - the capital of Lower Saxony, the city is situated on the banks of a small river Lein. The first mention of Hanover, refers to 1150 - velfsky Duke Henry the Lion built Lauenrode castle on the left coast of the river Lein. In the XII to the middle of the XIX century was the capital of Hanover separate German states, the kingdom of Hanover, long-term ally of England in European politics.
The city was badly damaged during World War II, but in the 50s enthusiasts rebuilt Hanover, though not strongly adhering to the historical realities: the Old City fell, restored only the most beautiful buildings, and not always in the places where they stood before the war.





Tourist  Attractions in Hanover:

A real event is the visit of the Royal gardens in an urban area Herrenhausen. "Red Thread", approximate length of strip in the road 4.2 km, covers the main sights of the city: New and Old City Hall, the historic city center, the Palace Leineschloss, various museums and the opera. Magnificent views of the city is from the observation deck of the dome of the New Town Hall, a luxury building, built during the reign of William II. To get to the observation deck you can with the help of an elevator that rises up out of plumb, as usual, and downhill.

Royal Gardens Herrenhausen (Die Königlichen Gärten Herrenhausen)

In gardening ensemble clearly shows the main styles of landscape art: baroque French-style park, the English landscape park and botanical garden. On an area of ​​135 hectares Hanover Electors and Kings of the Royal Gardens were created: Large garden (Großer Garten), Rock Garden (Berggarten), laid on the site of a sand hill, St George's Gardens (Georgengarten), named in honor of King George IV, Welf and garden (Welfengarten).

New City Hall

Standing in front of a magnificent building, many visitors are surprised when it comes to the "New" City Hall. Due to their size and luxury mean she looks much older, as a sort of legacy of those times, when Hanover was still a kingdom. In fact, the town hall was opened only June 20, 1913, after 12 years of construction.

The historic city center

Among the picturesque streets lined with medieval half-timbered houses are located Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) and the Church of St. George and Jacob (Marktkirche St. Georgii et Jacobi) - the southernmost representatives of the North German brick Gothic architecture. Numerous street cafes, as well as typical regional breweries and restaurants are invited to look into them.





Exhibitions and Hanover Messe:

Hannover Exhibition Center in the person of the managing organization Deutsche Messe AG organizes here about 50 exhibitions, attracting more than 25 thousand participants in Hanover, and nearly 2 million visitors of exhibitors. Of the 50 annual exhibitions held in Hanover, are more than 11 international trade fairs in the area of ​​production. Hannover Exhibition Center - the most well-known organizer of exhibitions in Germany, are among the leading exhibition complexes in the world.

International exhibition of information technologies CeBIT

Leading Trade Fair for Information Technology, Telecommunications, software and services is held annually in Hanover in March. It is the largest exhibition in the world, not only in their field, but as a whole. As part of the CeBIT 6000 exhibitors present their products and services to the 480,000 visitors to the area 320 000 m². Specialized branches of the exhibition are household radio-electronic equipment, Internet and computer technology, telecommunications, limiting access to data and IT-services.

International technology exhibition HANNOVER MESSE

The most important of technological exhibitions of the world, held annually in Hanover in April, brings together 11 exhibitions on various subjects. Specialized areas of the exhibition are technology, innovation and automation. 6300 exhibitors from 65 countries exhibited at ca. 211 000 m² of exhibition space your products - automated machine tools and automation of production processes, engines, IT-products, micro-and nano-technologies, techniques and technology of energy conversion and more. The exhibition is annually visited by about 200 000 people.






Exhibition vehicles utility vehicles IAA Nutzfahrzeuge

Every two years in September, an exhibition in Hanover, household goods vehicles IAA Nutzfahrzeuge, in which the exposed passenger and goods vehicles, motorcycles, vans, equipment and supplies, as well as system goods and passengers. The exhibition was organized by the Union of Germany Automotive Industry (Verband der Automobilindustrie eV). Among the participants are 1300 exhibitors and 250 000 visitors. 

Date: 03/06/2012 - 03/10/2012
Location: Germany »Hanover
Topics: Telecommunications, information technology, communications
From 6 to March 10, 2012 in Hanover will be the world's largest exhibition of information technology, telecommunications, IT-solutions and services - CeBIT 2012
• Turkey - CeBIT Partner Country 2011 8/25/2010
• CeBIT 2011 opens 01/03/2011
• The results of CeBIT 2011 03/14/2011

Trade show CeBIT held in Hannover from 1986 year. In 2010, CeBIT 4157 is companies from 68 countries, and the peak was in 2001 when came  Hanover party in 8903. It was registered 334 000 professional visitors.

In addition to the reduction in the duration of CeBIT, starting in 2010, organizers are taking additional measures to restore the attractiveness of the exhibition.
More than 500 IT directors of large international companies, providing a total annual volume of purchases at over 50 billion euros, was visited at CeBIT 2011 - more than ever before.
More than 4200 companies from 70 countries took part in the exhibition; CeBIT 2011 attracted 339,000 visitors from 90 countries. Over 80% of visitors came to Hanover for professional reasons. Many firms reported that they met at the show much more potential customers than last year. During the entire 45 hours, at CeBIT 2011 were established more than seven million business contacts.
"We go on the offensive" - ​​said a board member of the exhibition organizer Deutsche Messe Ernst Raue. The exhibition CEBIT is still considered the largest trade fair of electronics, but today it is mainly exhibits software for professional business, which successfully calculates tax, or accounting is followed for safety in the workplace.
• CeBIT 2012 will take place from 6 to March 10, 2012
CeBIT 2013 will take place from 5 to March 9, 2013
• CeBIT 2014 will be held from 4 to March 8, 2014
In the future, the exhibition will present four key areas that focus on:
1. business "CeBITpro",
2. government and public sector "CeBITgov",
3. world of science and research organizations "CeBITlab"
4. private customers, including the world of Internet "CeBITlife".

The structure of the main sections of CeBIT targeted to the interests of users, the use of exhibition space in 18 dedicated pavilions will be optimal.
The main section of the exhibition CeBIT 2012:
The area of ​​information technology (IT infrastructure) Business Segments (Business Process)
Communications (Communications)
Telematics and Navigation
Transportilogistika (Telematics & Navigation, Transport & Logistic)
Public sector consumption (Public Sector Parc)
Commercial mediation between buyers and sellers (Planet Reseller)
New items in the Internet and mobile communications (Internet & Mobile Solutions)
Banking and Finance (Banking & Finance)
Consumer Electronics (Consumer Electronics)

If you plan to attend CEBIT 2012  trade fair trade show as a guest, you need to advance search apartments for rent in Hanover. It is possible to book hotels in Hanover, but more effective option would be to find messezimmer Hannover or daily rental apartments at CEBIT 2012.