Trade fair service Hannover, apartments in Hannover, flat for rent.

Rental apartments in Germany, cottages, houses, rooms for rent, apartments for business travelers and visitors to Germany. A perfect alternative to hotels - cheap accommodation and Luxury apartments.  Assistance in the exhibition: translators, photographers, promo staff, hostess and models, drivers and attendants. We are ready to answer your questions in the cities of Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich.

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12 September - 22 September 2013

Cars and motorcycles

Description of trade fair IAA 2013:

The Frankfurt motor show IAA Cars and the world's largest trade fair for the automotive industry. Here are shown the best novelties of the industry, pass test drives and large-scale PR campaign. Exhibition determines trends, perspective directions of development and the most worthy of innovative technologies. On the car show IAA 2013 can be seen, what will be the vehicles of the future.

The statistics are impressive: the last exhibition trade fair IAA Cars in Frankfurt am Main was visited by more than 92 thousand people. More than a thousand participants from 32 countries of the world presented tested and latest products. So, were held in 2011 183 premiere! The exposition occupied 235 thousand square metres of space.

Trade shows IAA Cars 2013 - not only the exhibition of production of the automobile industry, and to meet international market players, businessmen, designers. During work activities are carried out negotiations on the future of huge corporations contracts in millions of euros, made important political statements from the mouth of the first persons of the Евросоюза.Trade fair IAA Cars 2013откроет General, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

The audience of exhibition IAA 2013 in Germany

Web: http://www.messefrankfurt.com/

Passenger cars
Two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles
Light trucks
Spare parts, accessories
Means for care and protection of the automobiles
Industry services

Time of work of trade fair IAA 2013 Daily from 09.00 to 18.00

International exhibition trade fair Tendence 2013 - gifts and home products
August 24 - August 27, 2013

Themes of trade show:
Furniture, interior, decor

Description of an exhibition Tendence 2013:

Real German quality is and cars, and clothing, and gifts. Originality of thinking to be envied, when specialists in Expocentre Frankfurt, seen surpasses all expectations. Fair trade show in Germany Tendence is held every summer and demonstrates popular products and novelties will be on the shelves in the winter months. Trade exhibition Tendence 2013 gained recognition among buyers and manufacturers, so attracts quite a wide professional audience.

The Trade exhibition Tendence 2013 demonstrates decorative and architectural elements, accessories for the situation room. Sector Living reflect fashion trends in interior design and offers a select few of style decisions, good money for it at the exhibition abound. Happy emotions from giving & receiving modest but sincere gift, Christmas gifts section will present Giving. Accompanying program of trade exhibition Tendence 2013 show includes the awarding of the creators of interesting ideas, discussions and informal events.
Audience of trade fair Tendence 2013

Web: http://www.messefrankfurt.com

Opening hours Daily from 09.00 to 18.00
On the last day from 09.00 to 17.00

The company VIP Accommodation - a professional in the field of business tourism, will organize your business trip as efficient and comfortable!

Do you want to visit one of the trade shows in Germany? You will have business talks in Germany? You are looking for business partners in Europe?

The company's specialists VIP Accommodation organize your business trip to Germany at the highest level!

Our company is located in the heart of Germany and specializes in organizing business trips, seminars, conferences and corporate events in Germany.

Our professionals conduct business negotiations, will help you make favorable "scenario" of business negotiations. Take into account the national peculiarities of conducting business negotiations.

Interpreters VIP Accommodation will undertake language support during the negotiations.

We will meet you at the airport, delivered quickly and reliably to the desired location.

We reserve for you a comfortable hotel rooms, cheap appartaments, daily rental  flats. Renting an apartments in Germany for you.

Visiting exhibitions, fair trade shows, Messe, business meetings and negotiations in Germany, accompanied by an interpreter, airport transfers, city of residence and in Germany, hotel reservations in Germany, the apartments are in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, rental tour of Germany and throughout Europe!

All that we do quickly, efficiently and only for YOU!

Cheap apartments for rent in Germany - a cost-effective and convenient alternative to hotels.

In the period of international exhibitions in Germany, prices for hotel rooms in Germany to increase substantially. Therefore, many tourists decide to rent daily an apartment in the exhibition German cities.

In our database there are about 150 objects in various German cities: Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, etc.

The apartments are located in different areas of cities, including those in close proximity to exhibition centers.

We also pick up for you an apartment in any city in Germany, if you decide to spend your vacation in Germany and came to Germany for treatment.

For  many years we provide services for booking private apartments and cheap daily flats in Germany and our customers are always satisfied with the quality and prices of apartments.

The procedure for booking private apartments in Germany:

1. You send us an e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it application for booking an apartment.

2. We select the variants of accommodation for you. To send you information about the apartment, the location of apartments, photos of the apartment.

3. Upon your approval, we book for you or that apartment.

4. Method of payment - either. (In place of arrival or in advance of the account.)

5. Meals are not included in the price.

We will be glad to answer any additional questions

Telephone: +49 157 49 38 98 11 56

Luxury real estate in Germany - is a separate sphere of activity, which is engaged in a professional real estate agency in Germany. Good reputation, an extensive database of apartments in Germany and distinguished professional service real estate agency class. Buy or sell luxury apartments  in Germany can help only a few real estate agents. The company's specialists have their own luxury apartments in Germany to check for compliance with the parameters of "Elite expensive real estate in Germany." If you have decided with what characteristics (area, distance from the center, number of floors) should have your elite real estate, it is a little: to clarify the location of luxury apartments in Germany and the cost of housing in Germany. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most popular place for real estate in Germany, in a word, where the elite real estate in Germany?

Luxury accommodations in Germany: Apartments in Berlin

Buy an apartment in Berlin - the purpose of business and cultural clients o freal estate agencies. Most of the luxury apartments in Berlin have the original architecture and a unique location. Buy an apartment in Berlin - is to live close to theaters, historic sites, museums and the fashionable shops of Germany. Buy an apartment in Germany in Berlin - it means to be close to the most prestigious universities in the country.

Luxury accommodations in Germany: Apartments in Frankfurt

If you want to feel the essence of the cultural heritage of Germany, then you just need to buy an apartment in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a symbol of patriotism and "great power» of Germany, which stores ancient history and traditions of Germany. The most famous cultural figures Germany, artists, actors, businessmen and politicians are buying luxury properties in Frankfurt. Although the price of luxury apartments in Frankfurt - are extremely high, real estate elite class of the capital promises to be a profitable investment.

The company Vip Accommodation works in real estate for more than 3 years, however, despite such a short period, now the firm provides a full range of services related to real estate in Germany. The Agency is not only buying and selling real estate in Germany, but also specializes in the leasing of residential premises of the business class.
Real estate agency in Germany VIP ACCOMMODATION - a team of professionals have long gained an excellent reputation in the market segment of the Germany real estate. The main activities of the company - elite real estate in the city of Germany, rural property and accommodation abroad. We take into account the interests and the seller and buyer, and therefore our company offers the perfect balance of supply and demand for housing in Germany and abroad.
Basic principles of real estate agency in Germany Vip Accommodation:
We - the experts of the Germany real estate
Our team - experienced professionals with legal and economic knowledge in real estate sphere.

We - a competent consulting firm, collaborating with many well-known construction companies in Germany.
We - maximalists
The main principle of the VIP ACCOMMODATION - a work so that our friends advised. If we are preparing a apartaments for sale - a lucrative, if you are selling real estate - then at the best price, when offering a new project - a dignified and then on mutually beneficial terms. Also in the list of our services include maintenance of property after the purchase and sale transactions.
We are - honest
Clients of the company VIP ACCOMMODATION fully informed at all stages of the transaction, all legal matters. We do not hide their actions for consulting services in Germany and claim a decent commission and legal clarity.
We have exclusive information
We own the latest information about the real estate market in Germany and abroad. As a result, we are aware of longer term growth of real estate in the capital, we set out the information as clearly as possible and make a customized real estate market forecasts for each customer.

In order for the real estate market in Germany functioned effectively, you must have a general classification of commercial apartments. Overseas property can be divided into four classes: A, B, C, D, however, such a classification does not fit into the Germany real estate. In the capital, is often impossible to determine the original building to these classes. It is believed that the real estate class - a new building with underground parking. However, the owners remodeled accommodation in Germany without underground parking garages are also awarded its first-class housing, A.
Germany real estate should have a specific classification, which will take into account and living conditions in Germany and standards in general. In 2003 there was a paradigm of the housing 20 points. For example, property class was supposed to have 16 points from 20. In 2006, added another 6 points, and the elite class of the building required for 20 points.
Today, the classification of the Germany real estate is repelled from the four points A1, A2, A3 (or A +, A, A) and B.
Real estate in Germany, Class A: individual projects, new building near the traffic intersections and convenient access.
Real estate in Germany, Class A1: new apartments, established on an individual project, conveniently located. The new property must have the false ceilings, microclimate, the space in the underground garage, etc.
Real estate in Germany, Class A2: includes the same requirements as A1, but this class can be treated and reconstructed buildings in Germany.
Real estate in Germany, Class A3: obsolete housing in Germany in convenient transportation.
Real estate in Germany in the class: the apartments of the old buildings and away from the city center, offices, without the status of the business center, historic mansions in Germany. The cost of such real estate in Germany compared with class A - profitable and attractive to Germany and foreign investors.

Real estate agency services: rent a luxury apartment

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 13:11 Published in Realty

Na date market rental housing in Germany is most active, so the pricing policy - is unstable. It is in this situation can be most advantageous to rent an apartments and housing in Germany. However, to resort to their own apartments for rent without the help of experts - a risky business, so we strongly advise you to refer to any "serious" real estate agency and coordinate the requirements and conditions provided. We will tell you about what features of the housing market in Germany, there are, what services are offered by the average real estate agency in Germany, and how to avoid pitfalls when you make a purchase and sale transactions apartments of the contract rent and just when the deal on rent real estate in Germany.

Apartments, rooms and cottages in Germany: rent a house

The basis of all rental housing and rent luxury apartments in Germany - is a vast database of apartments, allowing the tenant to choose apartment according to your requirements and taste preferences. The database of real estate agencies in addition to standard flats should include apartments and cottages for rent, luxury apartments and flats in Germany, as well as apartments and rooms for daily rent. Once a tenant is determined by the flat, while real estate agency professionals sign a contract of employment and rental housing (house or apartment in Germany), constitute a warranty certificate and need to be discussed lease terms.

Apartments, rooms and cottages in Germany: take shelter

Before you look for tenants for their own apartment or cottage, you must again apply to the same real estate agency. It is the housing market experts capable of assessing the cost of an apartment in Germany, resorting to a professional market analysis and years of work experience. To rent an apartment to rent to start with, to make an advertising campaign of your apartment. Real estate agencies do ads with high-quality photographs of the apartment and its design. Also, real estate agency in Germany in conjunction with qualified lawyers must provide the owners of apartments and cottages financial guarantees, taking into account economic and legal interests. The lease an apartment with the agency determines the timing of how the agency will provide information support to the owner. After signing the contract to rent for free the owner issued an insurance policy.

Apartments, rooms and cottages in Germany elite real estate

Real Estate agency in Germany offered to rent elite apartment in the capital for small, compared with the previous year, and money. Recently, luxury housing is in great demand both in Germany and foreign citizens. The main advantage of apartments elite class - a convenient location near shopping centers, transport interchanges, fitness rooms and business offices. Of course, rent an apartment in the center of Germany - a great success, but the elite areas of the capital, and are sufficiently distant corners. Today is considered to be elite apartments in a quiet, distant from roads and shopping area, but everyone chooses for themselves their own. Among the foreigners are especially popular today, luxury villas and country houses in Germany. Rent a country house as opposed to buying an apartment eliminates unnecessary tax audits and attention from the fiscal authorities. In essence, rent luxury apartments - exclusive offer. The real estate market in Germany is rare proposals daily rental apartments and houses of business class. If a real estate agency client is not anything like it in the selected property, then the client is given the opportunity to change their place of residence and to choose another luxury apartment.

Professional interpreters in Germany

Sunday, 20 May 2012 14:54 Published in Staff

Planning a business trip to Germany? Or are you participant of famous industrial trade exhibitions in Frankfurt, Hanover and Düsseldorf (CEBIT, Hanover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Automechanika, Achema), and you just need professional technical translator, so you on the right track. Company Vip Accommodation will help you find a better translator to work on the exhibition trade fair in Germany. We suggest you pick up the translator is to your goals and needs.
Specializing for over three years to provide interpreters for exhibition trade fair and conference business in Germany, we can provide professionals with knowledge of both German and English languages ​​- on flexible terms for you. At our disposal is a huge database of translators from almost all world languages: Arabic, Indian, Russia, Italian, Spanish, etc. At your disposal - beautiful translators and experienced interpreters for work in the exhibition trade fair in Germany. We can also find professional guide-interpreter, or simply accompanying person.

Interested in how much the translator in Germany?

The average price of an interpreter for a specialized exhibition trade fair in Germany - from 180 euros per 8 hour day.
Remember that each order is individual, and the final price depends on the type of transfer, subject of matter, the urgency of selecting a specialist, the city and the amount of work. So, if you are ordering for 4 days work with interpreter, you can expect good discounts.

Why should I book an interpreter in Germany with us?

Cool Prices
We give our clients and guests exhibition trade fair in Germany, price is definitely better than the tour operators and travel agencies. Why do we think? Because they bay our translators.

Quality and professionalism

We love our customers and the quality of the VIP Accommodation as the preliminary work on the selection of an interpreter, and directly the quality of the translation. We are alienating your interests and goals - can provide a shopping guide and interpreter to accompany a high official in a conference or exhibition trade fair in Germany.

Lack of risk

In the event of any force major, we will use every opportunity to make your visit and the talks were successful. With you in touch are always in order if you need help, you can always tell him about their problems or requests. So with us you will not have situations where a) the interpreter fails to appear, and b) the translator has changed the working conditions in the process of cooperation), the translator was a cheerleader.

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