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Rental apartments in Germany, cottages, houses, rooms for rent, apartments for business travelers and visitors to Germany. A perfect alternative to hotels - cheap accommodation and Luxury apartments.  Assistance in the exhibition: translators, photographers, promo staff, hostess and models, drivers and attendants. We are ready to answer your questions in the cities of Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich.

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Cooperation and work in the field of BTL advertising.

Monday, 25 August 2014 20:05 Published in NEWS

  Nowadays the Internet has a lot of vacancies in the field of BTL-advertising. And it is quite logical, because this area develops by leaps and bounds. But there are still not enough specialists. There is quite logical fact: Agencies are ready to take employees even without experience to the team, to gradually grow them into real professionals with BTL. And what can give work in advertising for young and talented people? Many students believe that they will gain rapid career growth, sufficient salary exactly in this area. A huge advantage is that there is not only the prestigiousness of this work, but also the mood: it is always interesting and fun. Prospects are incredibly tempting, but there's the question: how to get this, where to start, to become relevant and highly paid professional in the field of BTL-advertising after a while . Now you are reading the material that will help you to gain an understanding of it. Just ask any advertiser for the interest what is his specialty. Be sure, the great variety of answers will be provided to you! Diplomaed advertisers are not enough. It's pretty simple to explain. Advertising professions in our country are a relatively new. Accordingly, there is not so great choice of higher schools where you can find the Faculty of advertising. Professionals of the most varied areas are involved in this field, because creativity and commercial component are very valuable. That is designers, copywriters and managers have equal rights. Virtually all advertisers - a self-taught experts (in the best sense of the word), because they have learned their profession during the work. Nevertheless, the young and ambitious colleagues who have graduated from university, are increasingly taking place in the advertising agencies. But their education and experience are not enough to work in this field. You also need to have some streaks of the character: - the presence of marketing thinking. Leo Burnett (classic of advertising and the founder of the world's largest advertising agency) once said, "If you cannot turn into your client, you should not do an advertising ." - But you need to be a creative person and a good seller at the same time. As the advertising - it's the same work. But advertiser must always understand that "until the goods are sold, the idea can not be considered creative." - The real advertiser must know all overt and covert desires and requirements of clients. Henry Ford said, "The secret of my success is that I am trying to understand the other person and look at things from his point of view." Therefore, every advertiser first of all should think about what the customer wants from him. That why he need skills of analytics and logical thinking, the ability to perceive and process a considerable amount of information, the ability to persuade. Creativity and imagination have primary importance for designers and copywriters. Presence of this entire characters guarantee a creation of new, original and splash ideas, texts, videos will ensure a success in your career

In short, all the employees of advertising anyway should have good intellectual facilities, keen mind, originality and non-standard approach to the task's solution. To work in the BTL-advertising you need also to develop your stress stability: a manager must be responsible for the work of dozens (or more) of strangers.

Choosing an agency you should pay your attention to the reputation of agency -is the most important selection criterion. Remember, foreign agency is the best way to quickly learn the advertising business. Yes, and it would be a big plus for your resume. But you must be ready for the strict regime. Perhaps you will often stay too long at work or have off-hour work. Stress will be your companion, so you should also learn how to be friends with him. Soon it all will pass, on conditions that you will get an

experience and learn how to correctly allocate your time. The first steps to get a job in the BTL-agency are relatively simple.

But if you have no experience you have to start to build a career from the bottom, that is, from the starting position. Project coordinator or assistant manager - that's what awaits you. A lot of work, and a small salary. But you can gain experience. If you really try, in a year (or even less then) you can become a project manager.

The next step is - the manager to work with clients or account-manager. The project manager is engaged directly in the project's implementation in the life and work with the staff, account-manager leads all major processes: from the preparation to completing documents, and work with the client. Sometimes in larger agencies recruit junior (Jr.) account-managers without experience. It is more convenient to build a successful career, because this position is more prestigious. Senior account-manager (senior, account), account-director, BTL-directory - is the next level. Having reached this position, you can easily feel qualified and highly paid BTL-specialist. It is significant that the proposed above the career path for those who decided to build a life in advertising as a manager. For the highest level of creative jobs may be the position of creative director and art director.

25.09.2014-02.10.2014 In Hanover will pass the leading International Automobile Exhibition (IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014) this exhibition is hold every two years in Germany, it is the only one in the world, which presents all transport and shares the secrets of doing business. IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 changed into a passenger IAA Cars, wich hold in Frankfurt. As part of the IAA Commercial Vehicles visitors can take a view of various kinds of trucks, buses and construction equipment. The action takes place in the halls and outdoor areas. In 2012, was presented to 533 innovations, 354 of them - are the world premieres. It is undoubtedly demonstrates the concernment of the show. The exhibition was attended by about 262 thousands visitors. 1904 persons from 46 countries of the world have presented own production at the exhibition area of 260 thousand square meters. In the near future on the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 will present 14 thematic sections, including light commercial transport, spare parts and accessories, trailers, bodies, model of this vehicle, equipment for service and many others.
The exhibition 2014 will be presented with the following sections:
IAA stand 1 Trucks and tractors of one piece

IAA stand 2 Passenger Commercial Vehicles

IAA stand 3 Minibuses and Buses

IAA stand 4.Special transport: ambulance, municipal transport (garbage trucks, harvesters, technical facilities and vehicles for environmental protection) fire-engines and truck cranes commercial and noncommercial use.

IAA stand 5 Trailers and body, containers for vehicles and systems.

IAA stand 6 Car saloon: fixtures and equipment

IAA stand 7 Spare parts and Accessories

IAA stand 8 Transport Logistics (telematics of communication, driving, data processing)

IAA stand 9 Vehicles for internal production transportation, loading systems.

IAA stand 10 Service equipment , repair and maintenance of cars.

IAA stand 11 Periodicals and similar literature on road traffic technology, professional literature, the auto industry and transportation.

IAA stand 12 Representations of the organizations, companies and authorities related to the technology of road vehicles, driving of a car or transport business.

IAA stand 13 Car's models

IAA stand 14 Services (design, projection, testing, quality approval), IT-services for motor-car industry 

We will be glad to see everyone, from simple car enthusiasts to professionals. Programme of events IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 is so interesting and many-sided, that there will be no one indifferent. Moreover, anyone can easily ask questions to the experts, participants of exhibition and professionals.

Model-hostesses, promotional staff in Germany

Monday, 25 August 2014 19:20 Published in Staff

   Employment agency Luxgroup24 - has a wide range of personnel services, female hostesses throughout Germany. Our employees are always friendly and hospitable, thats why we have always success of any event! For realization any of your desires, we offer solutions of any complexity. Our customers trust our advertising agency's competence , as we are always at their (your) side. Our employees are highly qualified and motivated model-hostesses, promotional staff in Cologne, Essen, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Hannover, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart. Do you know what is the most important thing? We are always ready to broaden the horizons, and increase our potential and make a miracle! A deeper understanding of the client and experience of conducting activities and events - are the main reasons of the success of our company. Employees are chosen carefully depending on the nature of events and goals.

  The company's philosophy is very simple. Before we set an objectives, namely to turn any occurrence into an unforgettable event.Previously in any client we see qualitative partners with whom we will develop reliable and long-term relationships. We will do all the best for your successful presentation on the exhibition stand, we work for your reputation, we will not let you down. Service and quality of its performance - are very important for us, because our the primary aim is to satisfy your whims as a customer. The agency's workers are always friendly, attractive, clever and attentive. Stressful situations? Don't worry, even if it happens , we will turn it into sincere laughter and lots of positive in a flash . And our owners are fluent in at least two languages, they are reliable, punctual and dedicated to their work. We don't take on another workers , who don't correspond with our demands, believe me. Thus, we provide to customers the best look of the event.We participate in fairs and exhibitions in all cities of Germany. You need to seriously consider to choosing of attracting promo-staff, when you are just starting to plan your participation in the exhibitions. LuxGroup24 will help you to find or teach qualified personnel to maximize the effectiveness of your participation in the projects. Here you will find models of different types. We know how to attract a visitor to the exhibition hall, we will tell you the secret.

The service staff includes :

- Promo Models

- Stand-girls (girl model for the exhibition)

- Models translators

- Hostess

- Promoters

CeBIT 2014 - best solution for rental apartments

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 17:26 Published in TRADE FAIRS

With 10.03.2014 on 14.03.2014 in Hannover - famous exhibition city in Germany will host the annual international exhibition of information technologies, telecommunications, IT and consulting services CeBIT 2014. The upcoming exhibition will be held in cooperation with the main partner - the UK. CeBIT 2014 is one of the most important events of the ICT market, information on new products and information technology refers to the prospects of the development of telecommunications and IT solutions. The main slogan of the exhibition CeBIT 2014  «datability». The exhibition  represents new products and solutions, making rational and efficient use of available data for industrial processes.

The main bases of the exhibition CeBIT 2014:

specialized it-solutions for business (CeBIT pro),

consumers(CeBIT life),

public sector (CeBIT gov),

For convenience, Cebit exhibition will be divided into 8 sectors:
Enterprise Resource Planning & Data Analysis, Enterprise Content Management, Web & Mobile Solutions, IT Services, Security, Communication & Networks, Infrastructure & Data Centers and Research & Innovations.

As usual, the exhibition CeBIT 2014 will be accompanied by a rich program for the participants, which includes round tables, conferences, negotiations, seminars and award for achievements in the field of IT technologies.

Hannover plan to visit more than 5,000 journalists and 60 bloggers, who will lead the reports from the exhibition stands of CeBIT 2014. The exhibition is of interest for all who specializes in designing and installing it solutions, telecommunications, and many others. The full list of participants and guests of the exhibition CeBIT 2014 will be published on the main website of the exhibition. Deutsche Messe AG.

Exhibition CeBIT 2013 in Hanover was visited by more than 285 000 visitors from more than 120 countries. Their stands provided more than 4,000 companies from all over the world. The main organizer of the exhibition is planned in 2014 pay great attention to the businessmen and professionals. With this purpose, will increase the cost of the entrance ticket to CeBIT 2014 to 60 euros per day. Thus, the organizers will try to limit the visit to the exhibition of private entrepreneurs. Although the prospect for Hanover questionable. The city and state, hotels, tourist infrastructure on the contrary interested in the exhibition was visited by as many people as possible. It concerns the hotel business. During the well-known exhibitions in Hanover, such as Cebit, Hannover Messe, Domotex, Agritechnika, many guests prefer to book hotels and rent apartments and flats for rent. That certainly brings money to the city. To limit of  participants and was excluded from the schedule of work CeBIT 2014 Saturday, intended for young people and residents of Hanover.


Consider the very important topic for guests of CeBIT 2014: Accommodation and rental apartments in Hannover during the exhibition. Daily rent apartments in this period (with 9.03.2014 on 11.03.2014) are very difficult theme. In Hannover welcomes more than 285,000 individual’s guests, half of which book rooms in hotels, while the another rest prefer to rent apartments, houses, rooms for rent. This type of business is developing quite rapidly, and now dozens of specialized real estate agencies are ready to provide guests of Hannover apartments for rent from cheap to luxury class. There are a lot of advantages of apartments to rent with comparison with the hotels: comfort and economy. If you choose an apartment to rent, guest of the exhibition not only saves on the cost of the object, but also to travel money and to cook food. Because each apartment has a kitchen with all necessary appliances, TV and the Internet. We strongly advise visitors CeBIT 2014 to rent an apartment in Hanover in advance 2-3 months before the exhibition, since the best quality for the price of apartments are reserved primarily.

Many tourists, businessmen and guests of the international industrial exhibitions are interested in the question: what is more profitable  - to rent an apartment in Germany or to book a Hotel. Of course, both of these variants  of settlement have advantages and disadvantages. Let's discuss what awaits guests of Germany for apartment rent. We will focus on the three cities - Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, representing a wonderful tandem. In them there are famous international exhibitions, collecting thousands of tourists from all over the world. Demand for apartments for rent and hotels in exhibition season is so great that sometimes, thousands of owners of apartments rent their own apartments. Usually  hotels rooms booked already for half a year before the start of the event.


Apartments for rent in Germany (Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf) - a relatively young business, developing in parallel with the advent of international exhibitions. As soon as the deficit of hotels, apartment owners started to rent out their apartments, and those who possessed capital, started to buy inexpensive apartments, equipping them for short-term lease. Replace the bold owners came specialized real estate Agency and company professionally engaged in daily rent apartments in Germany. The owners of apartments in this business over the years depart on the second plan in connection with the fact that to maintain a decent repairs, find new customers, and compete with large companies is a difficult task. The changes were in China. Over the years the deficit of interseasonal guests reflected in the cost of rooms in the exhibition season rates are increased in 3-4 times. The owners have thus compensate the losses of the year. Thus the daily rent apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, will cost as much as a single room in hotel of the middle class. And if, for example, a delegation  with 5-9 people come for participating in the exhibition, who need to stay in Germany for more than a week – then in the hotel it will be very expensive. In the end, two or three apartments will be not only an ideal level of comfort settlement option for the company, but also, significantly, profitable.

Consider the basic advantages of apartments for rent in Germany

1. Efficiency. On the price of the questions we have already mentioned. Rent apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf will be much cheaper than a hotel room.
2. Availability. At that time, when all the hotels booked, at the disposal of our company there are always apartments to rent in Germany.
3. Comfort. When renting daily  apartments, at the disposal of the guests are always kitchen, all appliances, balcony, etc. Comfort hotels in minimized so that the apartment in Hannover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf largely obviously win. The location of the apartment you can also choose, thereby save time and transportation costs.
4. Freedom. Rent an apartment in Germany means to acquire freedom of entry and exit time from the apartments. The tight schedule of the hotels is familiar to all.
5. Practicality. In the hotel Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf can accommodate up to 3 persons in room, apartments for rent can take up to 10 guests for the same object.

Cons of apartments for rent.
Largely disadvantages rent in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf are incompetence of owners who rent  apartments. Many visitors do not want to overpay realtors and rent apartments directly. And the lack of contracts and checks from individuals is a significant drawback. In addition to rent an apartment in Germany in the first day of arrival is difficult, if not do it in advance. Therefore, we strongly advise to contact the real estate agencies ( in particular, in our Agency) to get the variant of the apartment, you're going for, and not be deceived.

In conclusion, I would say that in recent times the boundaries between the hotel and rental apartments are erased. Hotels strive to equip the rooms by type of one-bedroom apartments, and the owners of apartments for rent, on the contrary, acquire a cheap hotel furniture and complement to the value of the apartment hotel services: washing, cleaning etc.

Germany Trade Fair 2013 News.

Friday, 18 October 2013 10:45 Published in TRADE FAIRS
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