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25.09.2014-02.10.2014 In Hanover will pass the leading International Automobile Exhibition (IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014) this exhibition is hold every two years in Germany, it is the only one in the world, which presents all transport and shares the secrets of doing business. IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 changed into a passenger IAA Cars, wich hold in Frankfurt. As part of the IAA Commercial Vehicles visitors can take a view of various kinds of trucks, buses and construction equipment. The action takes place in the halls and outdoor areas. In 2012, was presented to 533 innovations, 354 of them - are the world premieres. It is undoubtedly demonstrates the concernment of the show. The exhibition was attended by about 262 thousands visitors. 1904 persons from 46 countries of the world have presented own production at the exhibition area of 260 thousand square meters. In the near future on the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 will present 14 thematic sections, including light commercial transport, spare parts and accessories, trailers, bodies, model of this vehicle, equipment for service and many others.
The exhibition 2014 will be presented with the following sections:
IAA stand 1 Trucks and tractors of one piece

IAA stand 2 Passenger Commercial Vehicles

IAA stand 3 Minibuses and Buses

IAA stand 4.Special transport: ambulance, municipal transport (garbage trucks, harvesters, technical facilities and vehicles for environmental protection) fire-engines and truck cranes commercial and noncommercial use.

IAA stand 5 Trailers and body, containers for vehicles and systems.

IAA stand 6 Car saloon: fixtures and equipment

IAA stand 7 Spare parts and Accessories

IAA stand 8 Transport Logistics (telematics of communication, driving, data processing)

IAA stand 9 Vehicles for internal production transportation, loading systems.

IAA stand 10 Service equipment , repair and maintenance of cars.

IAA stand 11 Periodicals and similar literature on road traffic technology, professional literature, the auto industry and transportation.

IAA stand 12 Representations of the organizations, companies and authorities related to the technology of road vehicles, driving of a car or transport business.

IAA stand 13 Car's models

IAA stand 14 Services (design, projection, testing, quality approval), IT-services for motor-car industry 

We will be glad to see everyone, from simple car enthusiasts to professionals. Programme of events IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 is so interesting and many-sided, that there will be no one indifferent. Moreover, anyone can easily ask questions to the experts, participants of exhibition and professionals.

Dates: 09/20/2012 - 27/09/2012

Location: Germany »Hanover

Topics: Transportation & Logistics, Automotive Industry

Hanover Motor Show IAA Nutzfahrzeuge is considered to be the largest exhibition space, trucks and buses in Europe.

Every two years, at the end of September in Hannover is the largest international exhibition of commercial transport IAA Commercial Vehicles. It alternates with the passenger IAA Cars, Frankfurt passing. IAA stands for Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (International Automobile Exhibition).

In the pavilions and outdoors huge exhibition complex journalists, businesses and visitors are shown a simple trucks, buses and special machinery.

IAA trade fair is the leading exhibition for the industry. 1751 exhibitors from 43 countries presented at the IAA 2010 272 world premieres and more innovation than during the boom of 2008. In total, 56% of exhibitors from outside Germany. Turkey ranked first among them - with 136 exhibitors, followed China with 117 exhibitors. The total area of ​​the IAA in 2010 reached 235,000 square meters. m.

At the IAA 2008 it was presented in 2084 participants, 57% or 1188 of them arrived in Germany from 45 countries worldwide. The exhibition occupied 275 000 square meters. m, there were almost 300,000 visitors from 110 countries.

Main sectors of the exhibition IAA NUTZFAHRZEUGE 2012:

Group 1. Trucks / tractors

Group 2. Light commercial vehicles (delivery vans)

Group 3. Buses and vans

Group 4. Special Purpose Vehicles:

· Ambulances

· Municipal vehicles (garbage trucks, sweepers, facilities and vehicles for the environment ...)

· Fire trucks

· Trailers

· Caravan for commercial use

Group 5. Trailers, body, and containers for groups 1-4

Group 6. Transport Logistics (system and communications processing systems, data storage and transmission, management, telematics for transport) vehicles for intra traffic, transport and loading equipment

Group 7. Parts and accessories for groups 1-5; partly finished products

Group 8. Equipment service, repair, and maintenance of vehicles of groups 01/05

Group 9. Professional literature, periodicals and similar literature on road traffic technology, automotive and transport business

Group 10. Presentations organizations, companies and professionals related to the technology of road vehicles, the movement of vehicles or transport businesses (eg financial services)

Group 11. Model cars

Group 12. Multimodal transport system

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Accommodation in Frankfurt-am-Main traid fair 2012

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The appearance of Frankfurt-am-Main, a town in the heart of Europe, define contrasts past and present, art and commerce, vigorous activity and quiet sleepy. Unconditional international center in Frankfurt do, including, international exhibitions that are held here, such as an exhibition vehicle IAA, International Book Fair, as well as location in the major financial institutions, numerous cultural events held here, and a convenient downtown location.






Tourist  Attractions in Frankfurt-am-Main

Goethe House and Museum, which was born a great writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a perfect reflection of life and lifestyles of the wealthy citizens of the XVIII century. From St. Paul's Church (Paulskirche) linked a significant number of historical events, it was here in 1848, met the first freely elected parliament in Germany. Römer Square (Römerberg) and complex of medieval buildings Roemer (Römer), which for centuries housed the town hall, is a historic city center.

Quarter of banks (Bankenviertel)

The financial center of Germany, a quarter of banks in Frankfurt, and his unique skyscrapers is particularly well visible from the shore of the river Main (Main). A skyscraper "Mayntauer» (Maintower) at an altitude of 200 m is an observation deck, which offers a magnificent view of the city, the river Main and the Taunus mountain range (Taunus) on the horizon. High above the ground at the skyscrapers are also open numerous restaurants and bars.

Römer Square (Römerberg) and Roemer (Römer)

The historical center of Frankfurt, with its magnificent half-timbered houses was rebuilt in 1986 on the original plans. In the corner house, "Grosser Engel-" (German "big angel», Großer Engel) in the XVII century, founded the first bank in Frankfurt. The Gothic facade of the three houses of wealthy citizens of the XIV century, standing in a row, form an impressive panorama, are known as Roemer (on an average home system) and are a symbol of Frankfurt. In Roemer City Hall is located, and to this day sitting mayor of Frankfurt.

St. Paul's Church (Paulskirche)

St. Paul's Church (1789-1833) with side arcades is the national symbol of freedom and democracy. In 1848 the church was the site of the first ever German National Assembly. Fundamental provisions designed assembly, to this day are important parts of the Basic Law of Germany. During the Second World War the church was destroyed and rebuilt after the war, and today is not acting, and has the status of the "cradle of German democracy." In the church are important political and cultural events awarded the prestigious prize.






Exhibitions in Frankfurt:

Frankfurt is one of the oldest venues of the world: in 1240 the Emperor Frederick gave the city the privilege of holding fairs. Today, the walls of the exhibition grounds in Frankfurt annually hosts approximately 50 exhibitions, involving some 40 thousand exhibitors and more than 1.5 million visitors. Traditionally held in Frankfurt major exhibition of consumer goods, as well as the world's leading exhibition of machinery and textile industries.

The international exhibition of consumer goods Ambiente

Exhibition Ambiente - the leading international exhibition of consumer goods. Each year it attracts about 140 thousand specialists of ca. 90 countries worldwide. Exhibition area of Ambiente trade fair ​​more than 190 000 m². More than 4,500 exhibitors showcase decorative items for home, kitchen utensils, souvenirs and gifts, jewelry and other accessories in the field of design.

Auto Parts and Accessories Exhibition Automechanika

Exhibition Automechanika - Leading Trade Fair for auto parts and accessories. The exhibition is held every two years, is attended by some 4,500 exhibitors from 72 countries and more than 160 000 visitors. In addition to the world's leading industrial companies at the exhibition can have direct contact with many German shop. The exhibition has a high reputation among specialists (91% of total visitors).

The Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse)

Within five days of the Frankfurt Book Fair presents to its guests books, comics, magazines and newspapers, maps, calendars, and objects of art of various subjects. Every year in October at the Frankfurt trade fair attracts over 7,200 exhibitors from 101 countries and 280 000 visitors. The exhibition program includes many activities and special cultural events.