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Rental apartments in Germany, cottages, houses, rooms for rent, apartments for business travelers and visitors to Germany. A perfect alternative to hotels - cheap accommodation and Luxury apartments.  Assistance in the exhibition: translators, photographers, promo staff, hostess and models, drivers and attendants. We are ready to answer your questions in the cities of Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich.

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CeBIT 2014 - best solution for rental apartments

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 17:26 Published in TRADE FAIRS

With 10.03.2014 on 14.03.2014 in Hannover - famous exhibition city in Germany will host the annual international exhibition of information technologies, telecommunications, IT and consulting services CeBIT 2014. The upcoming exhibition will be held in cooperation with the main partner - the UK. CeBIT 2014 is one of the most important events of the ICT market, information on new products and information technology refers to the prospects of the development of telecommunications and IT solutions. The main slogan of the exhibition CeBIT 2014  «datability». The exhibition  represents new products and solutions, making rational and efficient use of available data for industrial processes.

The main bases of the exhibition CeBIT 2014:

specialized it-solutions for business (CeBIT pro),

consumers(CeBIT life),

public sector (CeBIT gov),

For convenience, Cebit exhibition will be divided into 8 sectors:
Enterprise Resource Planning & Data Analysis, Enterprise Content Management, Web & Mobile Solutions, IT Services, Security, Communication & Networks, Infrastructure & Data Centers and Research & Innovations.

As usual, the exhibition CeBIT 2014 will be accompanied by a rich program for the participants, which includes round tables, conferences, negotiations, seminars and award for achievements in the field of IT technologies.

Hannover plan to visit more than 5,000 journalists and 60 bloggers, who will lead the reports from the exhibition stands of CeBIT 2014. The exhibition is of interest for all who specializes in designing and installing it solutions, telecommunications, and many others. The full list of participants and guests of the exhibition CeBIT 2014 will be published on the main website of the exhibition. Deutsche Messe AG.

Exhibition CeBIT 2013 in Hanover was visited by more than 285 000 visitors from more than 120 countries. Their stands provided more than 4,000 companies from all over the world. The main organizer of the exhibition is planned in 2014 pay great attention to the businessmen and professionals. With this purpose, will increase the cost of the entrance ticket to CeBIT 2014 to 60 euros per day. Thus, the organizers will try to limit the visit to the exhibition of private entrepreneurs. Although the prospect for Hanover questionable. The city and state, hotels, tourist infrastructure on the contrary interested in the exhibition was visited by as many people as possible. It concerns the hotel business. During the well-known exhibitions in Hanover, such as Cebit, Hannover Messe, Domotex, Agritechnika, many guests prefer to book hotels and rent apartments and flats for rent. That certainly brings money to the city. To limit of  participants and was excluded from the schedule of work CeBIT 2014 Saturday, intended for young people and residents of Hanover.


Consider the very important topic for guests of CeBIT 2014: Accommodation and rental apartments in Hannover during the exhibition. Daily rent apartments in this period (with 9.03.2014 on 11.03.2014) are very difficult theme. In Hannover welcomes more than 285,000 individual’s guests, half of which book rooms in hotels, while the another rest prefer to rent apartments, houses, rooms for rent. This type of business is developing quite rapidly, and now dozens of specialized real estate agencies are ready to provide guests of Hannover apartments for rent from cheap to luxury class. There are a lot of advantages of apartments to rent with comparison with the hotels: comfort and economy. If you choose an apartment to rent, guest of the exhibition not only saves on the cost of the object, but also to travel money and to cook food. Because each apartment has a kitchen with all necessary appliances, TV and the Internet. We strongly advise visitors CeBIT 2014 to rent an apartment in Hanover in advance 2-3 months before the exhibition, since the best quality for the price of apartments are reserved primarily.

Tips how to rent an apartments during trade fairs

Saturday, 31 August 2013 12:32 Published in Realty


Any trip to Germany, whether business trip, travel or visit an exhibition trade fair, is always very interesting. But to stay in Germany was really pleasant and comfortable if one should take care of suitable housing. Lately more people prefer to stay in a comfortable and daily rent of apartments. This option is renting for many years and is a great alternative to hotels. Because daily rent of flats in Hannover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt (centers of trade fairs in Germany) can be much cheaper than the cost of a hotel room. But you'll have a whole apartment with kitchen and all facilities. Undoubtedly, this option is much more comfortable and convenient than hotels.

How to rent daily flat correctly?

So, if you decide to rent daily flats in Germany, please note the following tips:
• Traveling or business trip in trade fairs, take care about renting apartments for a day in advance. Start your search variants for a few months before departure to look at the pictures. The more good photos offers the lesser, the more the chances are that the apartment will be exactly as you need. Do not forget to check rates and the possibility of reservations.
• Ask the owner on the phone that is in the apartment there is all necessary furniture, dishes, hot water, etc. Specify the possible term of stay, as well as additional features and services. Some apartments have free Internet, tea, coffee, daily cleaning etc.
• Please note, who rents an apartment for you: the owner, the Agency, realtor or other companies. Of course, the most profitable to rent an apartment without intermediaries. But don't go looking for lease ads on posts or to rent an apartment at man with a sign on the station. In these cases, there is risk of getting on the Scam. It is best to pay attention to companies engaged in rent without intermediaries, that is, firms offering apartments which are their property. In any case it is better to choose a company that exists in the market already more than one year.
• After you have chosen the apartment is best to book her. However, the booking is not always free, so this too should ask in advance. Book the selected option, you can be sure that your rest or work will not interfere with convulsive search for accommodation on arrival in the city.

How to rent an apartment in Hannover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt?

Today, most visitors in Hannover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt seek to lift it is an apartment, not a hotel room. It is no secret that a hotel room in the center of cities is quite expensive, but renting an apartment in the same area cost much less. Yes and accommodation in a single apartment is much more convenient and more comfortable, than in hotel rooms.
However, going to rent apartment in Hannover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt don't forget that you need to exercise care. Because those wishing to earn fraudulently not enough. Perhaps the most dangerous variant removal of an apartment - from people offering to rent directly at the train station. It is best to take advantage of proven contacts, friends or go to a good company. On the Internet you can find sites of companies engaged in the rental and carefully consider their proposals, see reviews and book an apartment.
Choose a flat should be based on the purpose of your visit. If you come for sightseeing, it is best to choose the Central district of Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt to be closer to historical monuments and palaces and save time on the road. If you come to business trip, choose the option near the place of your business activity.
Before you rent an apartment, carefully evaluate the degree of its comfort. Check the appliances, sockets, lamps, hot water, condition of the plumbing. This will help you to avoid possible misunderstandings. Looking for a cheap, try to choose the optimal ratio «price-quality». Be sure to ask the owner of the documents to the apartment and read attentively the lease contract. It should identify all aspects of the terms, conditions and amount of payment, fines, etc.

Site of the company VIP Accommodation - catalog that was created for the convenience of the tourists and business people, coming to visit exhibition trade fairs in Germany. We offer apartments for rent in such cities as Frankfurt, Hanover, Dusseldorf. Exactly they are the most popular exhibitions in Germany, during which the rent of apartments is an ideal solution for those who want to save money. We offer apartments for rent in Germany for a day, at night, flat on the day and more in the Central trade fairs cities (Hannover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf). Almost all of the apartments are in our control, and without intermediaries. Just email us a request in the Contacts section, enter the city (Hannover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf), the date of exhibition trade show and your stay, the characteristics of apartments for rent (number of rooms, facilities, Internet) and the number of people. We will contact you and offer our variants of apartments for rent.

Many guests of the exhibitions in Germany lightly to the choice of accommodation: the comfortable accommodation is a guarantee of successful business and good mood during a trip to Germany. We strongly advise to take care of the choice of apartments to rent in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, to grab perfect, and not one that is not booked for the rest of the guests of the exhibition. Especially popular is the last decades daily rent of apartments in Hanover, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf. Rent an apartment for a short time in Germany will be several times cheaper than staying in a hotel. In addition to material benefits, rent apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf will be much faster, more varied, more comfortable and more attractive. The main advantage of apartments for rent is the availability of kitchen and household appliances, allowing to save on restaurants and make your own healthy food.

How to cheap rent an apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf?

If You arrive in Germany on business, an exhibition trade fair or just travelling, and you decide to rent an apartment, please, note the following tips:
• Preset task - to rent an apartment, and excellent follow it with our company VIP Accommodation. If you are coming to the trade fair, book the apartment for 2-3 months, as even a month before the beginning of the exhibition are not the best options of apartments to rent. The demand for private housing in the cities of exhibitions (Hannover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf) is extremely high. Carefully read the photographs, pay attention to the location of the apartment, its proximity to the exhibition), appreciate the convenience and price. To successfully rent an apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, be sure to seek trusted professionals to us.
• When choosing an apartment to rent for short term note also the presence of furniture, Internet, television, household appliances, tea, sugar, Elevator, etc. Can there be animals or smoke in the apartment, how often will be cleaned in a rented apartment when they bring Breakfast and trash.
• If you are trying to rent an apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, then be sure to be careful, given who rents an apartment: the apartment owner, realtor, real estate Agency. Apartments for rent are an area of business in which very widespread fraud. For example, especially if you transfer the money into a foreign account when booking the apartment. Most likely, you will not be able to return their money, if you were a crook, and with the company VIP Accommodation you are guaranteed to receive the most professional service without fraud and financial loss. When choosing a real estate Agency, make sure that the company operates more than 1 year in the market of rental apartments.
• A great advantage to any real estate Agency - the possibility of booking accommodation. In advance to book an apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf means to ensure to itself calm on arrival in the city during the exhibition.

How to rent an apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf?
Today, most of guests of the exhibition coming to Germany to the exhibition seek to lift it is an apartment, not a hotel. Apartments for rent will be aired several times cheaper than a hotel room. Besides accommodation in the private rented apartment is comfortable and convenient. When choosing an apartment, please note the realtor and the owner of the apartment, to avoid fraud. Choose tested companies, who have their own website and a database of clients, who left their feedback about the service. The lease of apartments in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and in other cities of Germany, must be signed by a rental contract that specifies the terms, the number of people, description and address of the apartment to rent, amount of payment, conditions of termination and penalties.

International trade fair TourNatur 2013 Hiking

Thursday, 25 July 2013 14:43 Published in TRADE FAIRS

September 6 - 8 September 2013

Themes of exhibition Tour Natur 2013:
Tourism, sport, leisure, hobby

Description of Trade show 2013:

TourNatur 2013 is the only exhibition trade fair in Germany, representing the entire spectrum of goods and services for lovers of Hiking tourism, Hiking and travel. Under one roof you can find absolutely all the goods necessary for travelers, starting from clothes and footwear, followed by suggestions of extreme tours around the world. Trade show will be held alongside the largest in the world exhibition of caravanning and truck Parking Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2013.

Web: http://www.messe-duesseldorf.de/md/en

The Organizer
Is Messe Dusseldorf GmbHWeb: http://www.messe-duesseldorf.de

Today the successful business - it's not just a thriving activity in the city or the country, but growing international business. However, finding a profitable business partners abroad is a difficult task. international industrial exhibitions  held with this purpose for decades (CEBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Automechanika, Achema), the main aim of which - the search for partners and contacts for further business and opening branches in Europe. There are the most popular and significant technological and industrial exhibitions in Germany. Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Berlin - a city with biggest and visited the exhibition area in Europe. The most successful companies in the search for business contacts come to Germany for trade fairs, some as participants, others as guests. However, the one and the other required the accommodation in the city, which hold the international trade show exhibition. In fact, the company Vip Accommodation can help you. It offer guests a variety of options for German accommodation in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, as well as the infrastructure to those, who involved in the exhibition stand construction, printed promotional advertising company ¸ interpreters and photographers, promo girls model for the work on the stand, rental cars, drivers, etc.

Rent apartments, rooms and houses in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf

Trade fair show in German centers attracts thousands of foreigners who need somewhere to settle: the hotels, daily rental flats, houses, or rent an apartment or cottage. However, the complexity lies in the fact that the hotels to all guests is not enough, most of the hotels booked another 2 months before the start of the exhibition. In addition, prices in hotels of Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf during the exhibition trade show increased more than 6 times. For example, a one-room economy class hotel will cost from 200 euros per night. In this case, the service of company Vip Accommodation will be the perfect companion for those, who want not only to successfully attend an international exhibition in Germany, but also save a decent amount of money for accommodation, to live in comfort and without problems. We offer all guests of Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf - renting apartments of any class. In the presence of more than 500 private apartments, which are  ready at any moment to take foreign guests. For you - apartments for rent by the day, rooms for rent, daily apartment business class, as well as cottages and private houses luxury class. The main advantages of renting apartments in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf are:

1. Availability (at the time, as recommended hotels booked)

2. The low cost (the cost of apartments for rent in 4-5 times lower than the rate at the hotel)

3. Comfort (not worth explaining that in a separate apartment, furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances, internet, cable TV, etc., visitors to the exhibition will feel more comfortable and relaxed).

4. Additional service (cleaning, breakfast, transfers, accompanied by an interpreter)

The operating personnel for exhibitions promo girl model to work on the stand, photographers, waiters, translators

Tragically on the streets of Germany it is not simply to find beautiful girl. The German woman's beauty is radically different from the usual European standards. And at the booth must not only work girl, speak several languages ​​and expertly serving the guests of the show, but apparently to be beautiful  to attract more visitors to the stand. The duties of the promo girls models also include communication with customers, buffet service, distribution of promotional material, and participate in advertising campaigns. Company Vip Accommodation can offer exhibitors the best staff in Germany to work on the stand: the most beautiful models girls for trade show, professional translators, photographers, bartenders, waiters, and many others who help to create an unforgettable atmosphere of exhibitions.

Car rental, transfers and personal driver

For large companies, which send to the exhibition some of their agents, we offer auto service: Rent a Car in any class, a transfer from the airport and the exhibition daily, if desired - in the city, a personal driver, etc. Despite the great state of German roads, and balanced system of public transportation, the availability of personal car in a foreign country offers many opportunities and much easier to stay in Germany.

Company Vip Accommodation offers a full range of services required guests of international exhibitions in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. If you would like to visit Germany for business purposes or to come to Germany for treatment, our specialists will be happy to give you free advice and help to organize the perfect visit to Germany.

Daily rent of apartments in Germany is quite a young segment of the hotel business. However, since the origin of «apartments for rent» managed of the market, which is run by private individuals, to grow out in the civilized business. Today in Germany there are about five hundred so-called service apartments, which are managed by agencies specialized in renting apartments for rent in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf. The company Vip Accommodation, which is the leading company in the market of rental accommodation in Germany during exhibitions, will acquainted you with the features and services that provide competitors.

An apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf for rent, first and foremost, seconded employees of the firms, as well as tourists, traveling families or companies. Accommodation in an apartment rented for them, as a rule, is much cheaper and more convenient than in a hotel. This is because at the disposal of the lessee is more space than in a standard hotel rooms. And if in the one bedroom apartment has a four sleeping places, the cost becomes higher, unlike China, where for each additional person will have to pay extra. During the exhibitions in Germany (
CEBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Automechanika, Achema) are particularly acute problem of booking of hotel. Of the leading cities in which popular exhibitions of Germany, namely, of Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, to the beginning of the exhibition booked, therefore visitors of the exhibition have to look for alternatives, which in many respects is more profitable than the hotels. Rent cheap flats in Germany - the business thriving. Though the guests of German trade fairs can rent an cheap apartment, luxury private house or expensive cottage.

Another plus of rent cheap apartments in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf is the presence of the kitchen, where there is all necessary equipment for cooking: toaster, microwave oven, gas stove, kettle, tea and other pleasures of life. This significantly reduces the costs of the guests of exhibitions in Germany to visit places of public catering. In addition to kitchen, in a rented apartment can be found equipped office with telephone, Fax and Internet, as well as the essential elements of the comforts of home - a sofa and TV.

By the level of comfort of living «daily» apartments Germany are divided into the economy, business and elite class. The cheapest apartments in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf. - from 20 Euro per person per day - is mostly ring and on the outskirts of the city. Repair in these apartments is made of long and without frills, old furniture not cause delight. However plus such proposals in the number of beds. For example in a three-room apartment can accommodate a company of eight people. In most cases, however guests of the exhibition trade fair  in Germany afford more expensive apartments.

Business class concentrated in Central cities of Hanover, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf or near exhibition centers. In these modern apartments there are repair and, as a rule, new furniture, the rent varies from 35 Euro per day. Luxury rental apartments located in the historical center of the city, many of which - in the old mansions or near trade shows. Apartments for rent business class with a good finish and exclusive furniture are much more expensive. Note that the rental cost is inversely proportional to the period of your stay. If you rent an apartment more than a month, the price decreases. But the most popular exhibitions in Germany (
CEBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Automechanika, Achema) are not more than a week, because prices for rent of apartments do not depend on length of stay. With the exception of cheap apartments for rent to guests of Germany, who came for treatment.

Regardless of the length of your stay in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf rent a serviced apartment is not as expensive as, for example, staying in a hotel of the same class. The cost of rooms in the hotels located in the city center ranges from 200 Euro per day during trade fairs in Germany. Hotel complexes cheaper offer more affordable prices, however, are far enough away from the center of business activity and the main attractions. 

Of course, in a cheap apartment for rent in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, you will not be able to enjoy all the pleasures of hotel services, but some services are still offered. In the apartments of business and elite class assumes daily cleaning and change of bed linen, in the apartments of economy-class are cleaned once a week. If necessary, the Agency can request a transfer from the airport, registration or taxi.

Note that if you are arriving in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf guests should be extremely careful when choosing the place of temporary residence. Swindle with the real estate in rent is one of the most popular types of criminal activities in Germany; therefore they have not bypassed the segment of apartment rent. In order to avoid a fraud, before leaving to book a room and get acquainted with the Agency's recommendations. Remember that paying for the rent of the apartment is only when you show and will be given a contract of hiring of premises.

International exhibition UDT Europe 2013

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 12:56 Published in TRADE FAIRS

Description of an exhibition UDT Europe 2013:

Trade show UDT Europe 2013 is from 18 to 20 June 2013 at the exhibition complex of CCH - Congress Center Hamburg Germany. Detailed information about the event (statistics, list of participants, as access to the exhibition center, etc.) you can get on the official exhibition website UDT Europe 2013 or on the website of the organizers (contacts, see below for the details). On our website you can use the services of VIP Accommodation, namely settlement in a major exhibition cities in Germany during exhibitions, rental apartments, rooms, houses, cottages and hotels. For the guests of the exhibitions we provide the transfer, translation services, and support during the exhibition.

Attention! When planning for independent travel to the exhibition UDT Europe 2013 always check the date on the official website or calendar exhibition centre. May be inaccuracies (transfer, cancellation of the exhibition)!
Web: http://www.cch.de/en/

Techtextil Frankfurt 2013 2016
Themes of trade show in Germany: Light industry
The date of holding of trade exhibition: 11.06-13.06.2013

Venue of Techtextil Frankfurt 2013

Description of German trade show-Techtextil Frankfurt 2013 :

Techtextil Frankfurt 2013 - an Event that will be crucial for a variety of industries, from agriculture,  to medicine, road construction, packaging design and sports - every two years as a review of different types of technical fabrics. Exhibition in Germany Techtextil Frankfurt 2016 is an exhibition of novelties, which are based on nanotechnology and ecologically safe components: all samples have improved functional characteristics and meet the highest international quality standards and requirements, depending on the application. Trade fair Techtextil Frankfurt 2013 attracts more than 20,000 visitors, as is an efficient platform for the review of proposals at the world market. 

Through orderly scheme of the halls trade show Techtextil Frankfurt 2013 represents the comprehensive range of nonwoven materials, composite fibers, along with tools and equipment for their production. On an area of over 50,000 square meters is located in the sector of advanced methods of surface processing Bondtec . An important theme of the trade fair in Germany remain innovation in Avantex presents ' intelligent ' clothing with built-in sensors, membranes, prototypes, nanomaterials and the latest developments. Simultaneously with Techtextil Frankfurt are specialized shows: Texprocess, the equipment for release of textiles and flexible materials, and Material Vision, dedicated to the production of paintings on the basis of metals, polymers, glass, stone and renewable raw materials. In addition, the supporting program includes symposiums, seminars and numerous business meetings.

Audience of trade fair Techtextil 2013

The exhibition will be interesting for manufacturers, suppliers, industrial enterprises, purchasing Directors, designers, engineers, designers, product managers, marketing experts, representatives of research institutions.

Accommodation during Techtextil Frankfurt 2013

If you wish  to visit the exhibition Techtextil, the company VIP Accommodation offers a large selection of apartments from cheap rooms for rent, to rent luxury apartments in Frankfurt, Hanover, Dusseldorf, to private houses and cottages. If You wish to visit the International exhibition of technical textile Techtextil Frankfurt 2013 and staying in a hotel, we can help You book the hotel and find the most profitable option to settle for fairs and exhibitions in Germany.

An apartment in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt on the day gives You a modern level of comfort, contributing to a peaceful and stable rest. All offered to You by Kiev apartments are equipped with necessary household appliances, here You are always welcome in a clean linen and towels. In case of need when booking apartments you can rent an apartment with dedicated access to the Internet. In addition, You can use the service of ordering products, which will deliver in the apartment for Your arrival. During daily rent of apartments in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt for more than 15 days You are given a free Shuttle service from the airport.

Daily rent cheap apartments in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt

gives You a unique opportunity to feel truly comfort of home, which may not provide noisy hotels and hotels. In rented apartments for rent no annoying neighbors or strict rules, so You will always feel yourself as at home. The cleanliness of the apartments are watching maids, who regularly cleaned and maintain order.

Rent an apartment for rent in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt - means save some of their money on accommodation in the Northern capital, the cost of short-term rent of the real estate Agency VIP Accommodation is cheaper than the cost of a room in a hotel. And most importantly - You don't have to pay for every extra person in the room, because the rent apartments can accommodate several people at the same price.

Daily rent of apartments in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt is reliability and safety. Our company provides services for daily rent during the exhibition trade fairs carefully caring about their reputation. I stayed for rent cheap or luxury apartments from us, You can be sure that they fully meet Your expectations and will meet all Your requirements.

We offer You apartments in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, in the immediate vicinity of the most famous cultural and historical attractions. We can meet You at the airport or at the railway station and deliver to the selected apartment. At Your service - the order of interesting excursions and rent a car on beneficial terms.

Foreign guests arriving in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt - from another country, we are ready to offer services of the translator and the help in registration of the German visa.

On our website presents a handy catalogue of housing for rent in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt - with the detailed description, location on the map of the city and additional photographs offered for rent and long-term apartments. Contact our sales managers on the phone, and we will help You to choose the optimal variant of inexpensive or elite rent an apartment in Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt - on a short or long period of time.

Corporate clients and companies utilizing our services - discounts! 

Types of apartments for rent in Germany

Saturday, 02 February 2013 15:48 Published in Accommodation

Apartments by the day

The company VIP Accommodation suggests apartments for rent in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf during the exhibition trade shows. During this time we have accumulated great experience and can guarantee an excellent service to its customers. In the presence of more than 100 types of rental apartments, ranging from economy class, cottages and luxus apartments premium segment.

The cost of accommodation in Hanover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt

Cost of rent of apartments by the day depends on the number of rooms, duration of residence and selected area. Low-cost alternatives start with 50 euro, if we consider the luxury apartment, with 250 euro.

Time of work

Our managers are ready around the clock to take your call, to advice on the availability of free places, if necessary book for you an apartment in advance, after which, on arrival in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt you will be able to rent an apartment for a number of days.


All the more guests prefer to Germany instead of hotels rent an apartment for rent, for a considerable economy of funds, the level of comfort is sometimes much higher. Those who appreciated our service and become regular customers, we, in turn, give them a nice discount.

Will be glad to see you among our clients.

We recommend you different variants of accommodation: rental flats, rooms, cottages, private houses.

Best rental flats of business class

On business often in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and hotels, and even good, you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease? There is a variant of the decision of this problem - rental business class apartments.

We offer apartments - this is a great opportunity for attractive enough price to feel at home, while in another city. They all have a favorable location. They made a quality repair and there are all the necessary appliances, including a kettle, iron, TV, DVD, hair dryer, etc. And most importantly, this service has the advantage of being in front of hotel rooms - the comfort of home.

If, after a hard day's work you want to relax. If the lease of apartments at your service always will be, satellite TV, receiving the order of 75 channels. For communication with their partners, as well as for communication with the family is the Internet, the cost of which is included in the room price. In case of need you will be provided with all the necessary for the report documents.

Recently, an increasing number of business people make their choice in favor of our services, because they understand that the more nowhere to be found so advantageous ratio of the high level of comfort, service and low prices.

Best cheap rental flats

Planning a short trip to Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or will be in the capital, passing through? Look for where you can spend the night inexpensive? It is not necessary to book cheap hotel, the service of which leaves much to be desired, it can be comfortably settled in one of the cheap apartments of our company.

All cheap rental apartments, offered by us, are in the immediate proximity to the traffic interchanges that will allow you to without problems to get to your desired station or the airport, and also easily get to the exhibition trade shows. In them there is all necessary for comfortable residing. Upon arrival you will be given the bed linen and the necessary soap accessories. If your stay in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt last more than 14 days, you can count on substantial discounts. If necessary, we will give you all the necessary documentation for the reporting for accounting, which makes our offer is especially attractive for travelers.

You can choose any you like one - and two-bedroom apartments. In addition, you, certainly, will surprise that there is a possibility of settlement up to 4 people.

By choosing our cozy but luxury apartments and popular accommodation in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, you can forget about the inhospitable cheap hotels on the outskirts of the city.

Best rental flats - luxury apartments

Used to live in a big way, often in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and don't like to save money on his favorite? Please pay attention to our apartments of premium class. This three - bedroom apartments, with a capacity of up to 6-7 people, furnished room not worse than пятизвездных hotels. They have one significant advantage - here you will feel comfortable and snug, and does not depend on the hospitality of the regime and other unavoidable inconvenience. In the luxury apartments in Hannover is made high-quality repairs, and their situation is striking in its elegance and refined taste. At your disposal will have all the necessary household appliances, satellite TV 75 channels, high speed Internet access and more, without which simply can't do, especially while away from home.

Of course the level of comfort and services corresponds to the "Premium", therefore, the cost of luxury rental apartments is relevant. But You can not worry, this accommodation will cost more expensive, but the feeling of home comfort, as we have, you don't get. Our apartments are oriented to a particular customer, thus addressing to us you will get exactly what you need.

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