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Rental apartments in Germany, cottages, houses, rooms for rent, apartments for business travelers and visitors to Germany. A perfect alternative to hotels - cheap accommodation and Luxury apartments.  Assistance in the exhibition: translators, photographers, promo staff, hostess and models, drivers and attendants. We are ready to answer your questions in the cities of Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich.

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Many tourists, businessmen and guests of the international industrial exhibitions are interested in the question: what is more profitable  - to rent an apartment in Germany or to book a Hotel. Of course, both of these variants  of settlement have advantages and disadvantages. Let's discuss what awaits guests of Germany for apartment rent. We will focus on the three cities - Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, representing a wonderful tandem. In them there are famous international exhibitions, collecting thousands of tourists from all over the world. Demand for apartments for rent and hotels in exhibition season is so great that sometimes, thousands of owners of apartments rent their own apartments. Usually  hotels rooms booked already for half a year before the start of the event.


Apartments for rent in Germany (Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf) - a relatively young business, developing in parallel with the advent of international exhibitions. As soon as the deficit of hotels, apartment owners started to rent out their apartments, and those who possessed capital, started to buy inexpensive apartments, equipping them for short-term lease. Replace the bold owners came specialized real estate Agency and company professionally engaged in daily rent apartments in Germany. The owners of apartments in this business over the years depart on the second plan in connection with the fact that to maintain a decent repairs, find new customers, and compete with large companies is a difficult task. The changes were in China. Over the years the deficit of interseasonal guests reflected in the cost of rooms in the exhibition season rates are increased in 3-4 times. The owners have thus compensate the losses of the year. Thus the daily rent apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, will cost as much as a single room in hotel of the middle class. And if, for example, a delegation  with 5-9 people come for participating in the exhibition, who need to stay in Germany for more than a week – then in the hotel it will be very expensive. In the end, two or three apartments will be not only an ideal level of comfort settlement option for the company, but also, significantly, profitable.

Consider the basic advantages of apartments for rent in Germany

1. Efficiency. On the price of the questions we have already mentioned. Rent apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf will be much cheaper than a hotel room.
2. Availability. At that time, when all the hotels booked, at the disposal of our company there are always apartments to rent in Germany.
3. Comfort. When renting daily  apartments, at the disposal of the guests are always kitchen, all appliances, balcony, etc. Comfort hotels in minimized so that the apartment in Hannover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf largely obviously win. The location of the apartment you can also choose, thereby save time and transportation costs.
4. Freedom. Rent an apartment in Germany means to acquire freedom of entry and exit time from the apartments. The tight schedule of the hotels is familiar to all.
5. Practicality. In the hotel Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf can accommodate up to 3 persons in room, apartments for rent can take up to 10 guests for the same object.

Cons of apartments for rent.
Largely disadvantages rent in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf are incompetence of owners who rent  apartments. Many visitors do not want to overpay realtors and rent apartments directly. And the lack of contracts and checks from individuals is a significant drawback. In addition to rent an apartment in Germany in the first day of arrival is difficult, if not do it in advance. Therefore, we strongly advise to contact the real estate agencies ( in particular, in our Agency) to get the variant of the apartment, you're going for, and not be deceived.

In conclusion, I would say that in recent times the boundaries between the hotel and rental apartments are erased. Hotels strive to equip the rooms by type of one-bedroom apartments, and the owners of apartments for rent, on the contrary, acquire a cheap hotel furniture and complement to the value of the apartment hotel services: washing, cleaning etc.

Types of apartments for rent in Germany

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Apartments by the day

The company VIP Accommodation suggests apartments for rent in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf during the exhibition trade shows. During this time we have accumulated great experience and can guarantee an excellent service to its customers. In the presence of more than 100 types of rental apartments, ranging from economy class, cottages and luxus apartments premium segment.

The cost of accommodation in Hanover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt

Cost of rent of apartments by the day depends on the number of rooms, duration of residence and selected area. Low-cost alternatives start with 50 euro, if we consider the luxury apartment, with 250 euro.

Time of work

Our managers are ready around the clock to take your call, to advice on the availability of free places, if necessary book for you an apartment in advance, after which, on arrival in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt you will be able to rent an apartment for a number of days.


All the more guests prefer to Germany instead of hotels rent an apartment for rent, for a considerable economy of funds, the level of comfort is sometimes much higher. Those who appreciated our service and become regular customers, we, in turn, give them a nice discount.

Will be glad to see you among our clients.

We recommend you different variants of accommodation: rental flats, rooms, cottages, private houses.

Best rental flats of business class

On business often in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and hotels, and even good, you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease? There is a variant of the decision of this problem - rental business class apartments.

We offer apartments - this is a great opportunity for attractive enough price to feel at home, while in another city. They all have a favorable location. They made a quality repair and there are all the necessary appliances, including a kettle, iron, TV, DVD, hair dryer, etc. And most importantly, this service has the advantage of being in front of hotel rooms - the comfort of home.

If, after a hard day's work you want to relax. If the lease of apartments at your service always will be, satellite TV, receiving the order of 75 channels. For communication with their partners, as well as for communication with the family is the Internet, the cost of which is included in the room price. In case of need you will be provided with all the necessary for the report documents.

Recently, an increasing number of business people make their choice in favor of our services, because they understand that the more nowhere to be found so advantageous ratio of the high level of comfort, service and low prices.

Best cheap rental flats

Planning a short trip to Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or will be in the capital, passing through? Look for where you can spend the night inexpensive? It is not necessary to book cheap hotel, the service of which leaves much to be desired, it can be comfortably settled in one of the cheap apartments of our company.

All cheap rental apartments, offered by us, are in the immediate proximity to the traffic interchanges that will allow you to without problems to get to your desired station or the airport, and also easily get to the exhibition trade shows. In them there is all necessary for comfortable residing. Upon arrival you will be given the bed linen and the necessary soap accessories. If your stay in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt last more than 14 days, you can count on substantial discounts. If necessary, we will give you all the necessary documentation for the reporting for accounting, which makes our offer is especially attractive for travelers.

You can choose any you like one - and two-bedroom apartments. In addition, you, certainly, will surprise that there is a possibility of settlement up to 4 people.

By choosing our cozy but luxury apartments and popular accommodation in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, you can forget about the inhospitable cheap hotels on the outskirts of the city.

Best rental flats - luxury apartments

Used to live in a big way, often in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and don't like to save money on his favorite? Please pay attention to our apartments of premium class. This three - bedroom apartments, with a capacity of up to 6-7 people, furnished room not worse than пятизвездных hotels. They have one significant advantage - here you will feel comfortable and snug, and does not depend on the hospitality of the regime and other unavoidable inconvenience. In the luxury apartments in Hannover is made high-quality repairs, and their situation is striking in its elegance and refined taste. At your disposal will have all the necessary household appliances, satellite TV 75 channels, high speed Internet access and more, without which simply can't do, especially while away from home.

Of course the level of comfort and services corresponds to the "Premium", therefore, the cost of luxury rental apartments is relevant. But You can not worry, this accommodation will cost more expensive, but the feeling of home comfort, as we have, you don't get. Our apartments are oriented to a particular customer, thus addressing to us you will get exactly what you need.

Where to live?

It would seem that the answer is obvious - in Hanover, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf - centers-of-trade show in Germany, it is desirable in the centre, in the hotel.

Let's start with the first and second statements. Without a doubt, one can say that 90% of the guests of the exhibition trade fairs in Germany live in the center of the cities of Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf during the exhibition. That is, at a distance of no more than 1-2 km from the streets near the Hauptbahnhof (Central station). It is very convenient as all the main places for meetings, famous restaurants, numerous parties and other attractions are just there. Oddly enough some of the most of the cheap hotels and popular apartments Hanover and Frankfurt are concentrated also in the center - at the train station. For those who travel to the exhibition trade fairs for the first time, we strongly recommend that live in the centre of city.

However, the less time remains before the beginning of exhibition trade fairs in Germany, the less likely find a suitable at the price of the hotel in the center. Option - choose a hotel close to the Messe (exhibition centre), or within 4-5 metro stations from the center. If you do not want to miss the program of the evening, then find out how you can get to the hotel the night of public transport (metro, night buses), otherwise will have to spend money on taxi.

Exotic option, for those, who are planning to rent a car or go on their own: to live in one of the ski or resort villages of Bavaria. Firstly, this may be a little cheaper. Secondly, you will have night skiing.

And, finally, why do hotel? Of course for one -, two-or three-person hotel at the time of exhibition trade fairs in Germany - this is the best choice. But for a larger number of people to be good and cheap alternative can be the cheapest apartments in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. And even more convenient. So many European companies shoot for their employees apartment for the time of exhibition fairs and not clog your head exactly how many people will come, and where they will live. Linen and final cleaning is usually included in the cost of accommodation, but the dishes for a wash stands. As cheap apartments - it is a usual apartment; the Breakfast is usually not included. To reach the nearest supermarket and cafes.

Hannover takes place among the first ten largest exhibition cities of Europe: there are more than 400 popular fairs and congresses in the year.

In the German capital of exhibitions Hannover is the famous complex Messe, a platform which is used for large-scale events. Usually the exhibition opens for visitors from 9.00 to 18.00 hours. Get comfortable with the Central railway station along a high-speed terrestrial railway S-Bahn, focusing on pointers: «Messe gelande».

With such a wealth of exhibition, trade fairs for both professionals and for the likes theme of the representatives of the General public is very important to choose a comfortable lodging or cheap apartments in Hanover, which would allow for maximum use of the limited time exhibitions, visiting all related events and organize living space for the needs of not only comfort, but also business. Rent of apartment in Hanover is an increasingly popular option for accommodation at the time of the visit to industrial fairs professionals of the most diverse industries. The advantages of flats,  rooms and houses for rent: not only its own kitchen, the bedrooms, the reasonable prices and a Central location near the main exhibition halls in Berlin, but also often unlimited Internet access, flexibility in the organization chart of travel, and also the possibility to organize business meetings in a comfortable living room, where all parties is ensured privacy and comfort. Rent of apartments in Hanover for rent is an excellent alternative to hotels at the time of the visits of exhibitions-fairs in Germany.

Before you stop more in detail on booking of hotels and apartments in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf it is necessary to warn that You should be willing to spend on it for about an hour of your time. If You don't time allows, but allow the money, contact the experts of our company VIP Accommodation.

Hotel reservation

So, independent hotel and apartment booking is done via the Internet.

VIP Accommodation - Russian-language service. Additional languages for booking of English, German. It is also the only one of the options where you can pay for non-cash Bank transfer or in cash. The site also often appear special offers like the double rooms in the hotel**** for 90 euros a day. So, the check is in any case. It is very important when searching for hotels in the cities of Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf specify in the «Advanced search -> Show hotels near -> Messe, otherwise You will be offered hotels within a radius of tens of kilometers. Apartments can be booked as well as hotel - through the Internet. Here is the rule, the earlier You book the apartment, the more You have the choice.


Daily rent of the apartment in Germany

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Lack of sufficient number of hotels has created a new kind of business: daily rent of the apartment. According to analysts, Apartments business will be actual for at least another 5 - 7 years.
The slow pace of construction of new hotels has allowed their owners to inflate prices. However, the state rooms and especially the quality of service in many of them below the accepted international standards. . Despite this, demand remains high.
Insufficient number of hotels has created a new kind of business: daily rent of the apartment. This kind of business is practically in the shadow of a lawful work except real estate agency specializing in the daily rent and owners of ' apartment houses "(apartment buildings constructed specifically for rental), or serviced apartments. But the proportion of "lowers” of the total market does not exceed 15%. The remaining part belongs to the apartment owners, who previously gave up a long term rent of apartment, and then passed into the segment by the dayly rent accommodation. This business allows you to recover property for a maximum of five years, whereas long-term rental apartment pays for 8-10 years. According to analysts, only the first 5 months of this year, the market daily rent of apartments rose by 20%.
Guest of rent apartment is not just populated by free space, and gets more and additional services: cleaning, sometimes food. As additional services - meeting at the airport, the driver, translator and tour guide. Furnished apartment with a good repair, VIP-level apartments attract customers with more flexible pricing and streamlined distribution system. The cost of one-bedroom apartment per day is 40-70 dollars, two-room apartments - $ 80, and for three rooms apartments - up to $ 150.
Landlord enters into a lease agreement with a company specializing in daily rent of flats. If the owner fails to bring the apartment up to the required level, the company takes care of all expenses (after it is taken into account when calculating the rent).In addition, firms often complement their own apartments with house wares, linens, appliances, a minimum set of products and bathroom accessories.
Market of days rental of apartment is just being formed, as management companies usually have no more than 30 of their own apartments. Reduce costs and make services for hire cheaper and therefore more competitive possible by developing a network of surrendering rent apartments. For example, when managers have at their disposal hundreds of rental apartments