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Rental apartments in Germany, cottages, houses, rooms for rent, apartments for business travelers and visitors to Germany. A perfect alternative to hotels - cheap accommodation and Luxury apartments.  Assistance in the exhibition: translators, photographers, promo staff, hostess and models, drivers and attendants. We are ready to answer your questions in the cities of Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich.

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Cooperation and work in the field of BTL advertising.

Monday, 25 August 2014 20:05 Published in NEWS

  Nowadays the Internet has a lot of vacancies in the field of BTL-advertising. And it is quite logical, because this area develops by leaps and bounds. But there are still not enough specialists. There is quite logical fact: Agencies are ready to take employees even without experience to the team, to gradually grow them into real professionals with BTL. And what can give work in advertising for young and talented people? Many students believe that they will gain rapid career growth, sufficient salary exactly in this area. A huge advantage is that there is not only the prestigiousness of this work, but also the mood: it is always interesting and fun. Prospects are incredibly tempting, but there's the question: how to get this, where to start, to become relevant and highly paid professional in the field of BTL-advertising after a while . Now you are reading the material that will help you to gain an understanding of it. Just ask any advertiser for the interest what is his specialty. Be sure, the great variety of answers will be provided to you! Diplomaed advertisers are not enough. It's pretty simple to explain. Advertising professions in our country are a relatively new. Accordingly, there is not so great choice of higher schools where you can find the Faculty of advertising. Professionals of the most varied areas are involved in this field, because creativity and commercial component are very valuable. That is designers, copywriters and managers have equal rights. Virtually all advertisers - a self-taught experts (in the best sense of the word), because they have learned their profession during the work. Nevertheless, the young and ambitious colleagues who have graduated from university, are increasingly taking place in the advertising agencies. But their education and experience are not enough to work in this field. You also need to have some streaks of the character: - the presence of marketing thinking. Leo Burnett (classic of advertising and the founder of the world's largest advertising agency) once said, "If you cannot turn into your client, you should not do an advertising ." - But you need to be a creative person and a good seller at the same time. As the advertising - it's the same work. But advertiser must always understand that "until the goods are sold, the idea can not be considered creative." - The real advertiser must know all overt and covert desires and requirements of clients. Henry Ford said, "The secret of my success is that I am trying to understand the other person and look at things from his point of view." Therefore, every advertiser first of all should think about what the customer wants from him. That why he need skills of analytics and logical thinking, the ability to perceive and process a considerable amount of information, the ability to persuade. Creativity and imagination have primary importance for designers and copywriters. Presence of this entire characters guarantee a creation of new, original and splash ideas, texts, videos will ensure a success in your career

In short, all the employees of advertising anyway should have good intellectual facilities, keen mind, originality and non-standard approach to the task's solution. To work in the BTL-advertising you need also to develop your stress stability: a manager must be responsible for the work of dozens (or more) of strangers.

Choosing an agency you should pay your attention to the reputation of agency -is the most important selection criterion. Remember, foreign agency is the best way to quickly learn the advertising business. Yes, and it would be a big plus for your resume. But you must be ready for the strict regime. Perhaps you will often stay too long at work or have off-hour work. Stress will be your companion, so you should also learn how to be friends with him. Soon it all will pass, on conditions that you will get an

experience and learn how to correctly allocate your time. The first steps to get a job in the BTL-agency are relatively simple.

But if you have no experience you have to start to build a career from the bottom, that is, from the starting position. Project coordinator or assistant manager - that's what awaits you. A lot of work, and a small salary. But you can gain experience. If you really try, in a year (or even less then) you can become a project manager.

The next step is - the manager to work with clients or account-manager. The project manager is engaged directly in the project's implementation in the life and work with the staff, account-manager leads all major processes: from the preparation to completing documents, and work with the client. Sometimes in larger agencies recruit junior (Jr.) account-managers without experience. It is more convenient to build a successful career, because this position is more prestigious. Senior account-manager (senior, account), account-director, BTL-directory - is the next level. Having reached this position, you can easily feel qualified and highly paid BTL-specialist. It is significant that the proposed above the career path for those who decided to build a life in advertising as a manager. For the highest level of creative jobs may be the position of creative director and art director.

Model-hostesses, promotional staff in Germany

Monday, 25 August 2014 19:20 Published in Staff

   Employment agency Luxgroup24 - has a wide range of personnel services, female hostesses throughout Germany. Our employees are always friendly and hospitable, thats why we have always success of any event! For realization any of your desires, we offer solutions of any complexity. Our customers trust our advertising agency's competence , as we are always at their (your) side. Our employees are highly qualified and motivated model-hostesses, promotional staff in Cologne, Essen, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Hannover, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart. Do you know what is the most important thing? We are always ready to broaden the horizons, and increase our potential and make a miracle! A deeper understanding of the client and experience of conducting activities and events - are the main reasons of the success of our company. Employees are chosen carefully depending on the nature of events and goals.

  The company's philosophy is very simple. Before we set an objectives, namely to turn any occurrence into an unforgettable event.Previously in any client we see qualitative partners with whom we will develop reliable and long-term relationships. We will do all the best for your successful presentation on the exhibition stand, we work for your reputation, we will not let you down. Service and quality of its performance - are very important for us, because our the primary aim is to satisfy your whims as a customer. The agency's workers are always friendly, attractive, clever and attentive. Stressful situations? Don't worry, even if it happens , we will turn it into sincere laughter and lots of positive in a flash . And our owners are fluent in at least two languages, they are reliable, punctual and dedicated to their work. We don't take on another workers , who don't correspond with our demands, believe me. Thus, we provide to customers the best look of the event.We participate in fairs and exhibitions in all cities of Germany. You need to seriously consider to choosing of attracting promo-staff, when you are just starting to plan your participation in the exhibitions. LuxGroup24 will help you to find or teach qualified personnel to maximize the effectiveness of your participation in the projects. Here you will find models of different types. We know how to attract a visitor to the exhibition hall, we will tell you the secret.

The service staff includes :

- Promo Models

- Stand-girls (girl model for the exhibition)

- Models translators

- Hostess

- Promoters


Participation in exhibition trade shows and presentations, for many companies, it is a matter of honor. To present your company in a positive light industrial trade fair in Germany, to make a pleasant impression for  audience and stand out against the competition - that's what the work is organized at the exhibitions.

The work in the exhibition trade fair  Hannover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf includes a number of issues that decide promo girls with work at the booth:

  • Preparation of the stand of the company,
  • Invitation and meeting guests,
  • Distribution of leaflets, brochures, catalogs and other printed materials,
  • Carrying out surveys of visitors
  • Information support of participation in the exhibition
  • Training and coordination of work of the stand and promotional staff.


The list can go very, very long time. However, every detail  depends on the entire work of the exhibition and its effectiveness.

Special attention deserves the staff at the exhibition; promo girls becomes the face of Your Company. Usually for the exhibition in Germany picked professional models with good communication skills. Pre-counseling training. Here not skimp, only prepared promo staff, having the information about the product, its competitive advantages and characteristics of the audience will be able to attract visitors to Your stand and to ensure the success of the work at the exhibition trade fair in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt.

Promo girls model - decoration of your booth or event.

We offer the promo models, stand-assistants for:

Exhibitions in Germany  
(CEBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Automechanika, Achema)

Photo shoots

Promo models for work at the exhibition in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt.are different:

Girl Promo-Models, promoters of model appearance - this girl 173cm tall, with good skin, thick hair, a beautiful face, perfect figure and size clothes 40-44

Stand assistant is a girl 165cm tall, cute, with a good figure and size clothes 42-46.

Boys Promo models young people in height 180 cm, cute, sports or slim physique.

Translator from English, Italian, German, French and other languages of model appearance for exhibitions and events.

The work of promo personnel models after 20:00 is paid at double rate, as well as additional charge for the supervisor of the vehicle, providing safety of the girls and after the event, transportation to their home.

Themselves promo models for trade fairs, of course, are noticeable, but if you make for them extravagant dress or costumes, they look absolutely stunning!

The work in the exhibition trade shows in Germany with the Agency Vip Accommodation: You will be noticed! 

The Company VIP Accommodation offers all participants of exhibition trade fairs in Germany the following services:
Staff promotion girls - models for trade shows. If you are a member of any exhibition trade fairs in Germany, then in addition to buying an exhibition stand, advertising campaign, the rent of photographer, it is necessary to ensure a reliable personnel who will assist at the booth during the exhibition trade fairs. We offer you the opportunity to order a most beautiful staff promotion girls - models for exhibition trade fairs in Germany. The working staff in Germany is called the girls-Hostess.
Today, no major trade shows are complete without a staff promotion girls - models or hostess. Their duties include meeting clients and invite them to the exhibition booth, handing out information and promotional materials, advice on all matters of interest to the guest. At any exhibition trade fairs in Germany promotion girls - models are always interesting to visitors. Beautiful girls hostess attract attention, create a holiday atmosphere. Of course, tell you about this product can only representatives of the companies that are aware of all its advantages, but to interest and attract the exhibition stand or booth potential customers will have more attractive promotion girls - models with a radiant smile. This is what marketers are betting. Ability to communicate with a beautiful girl will not miss any one man. Staff promotion girls - models on the stand - it's a guarantee that your fair booth will attract attention!

Thus, staff promotion girls - models or hostess - a person of your company at the exhibition. It creates a first impression of your exhibition booth, so the choice of such an employee must be approached responsibly. staff promotion girls - models or hostess should be attractive in appearance, able to communicate with people and have a nice promotional clothing. We will help you develop an original design and organize the sewing with the company logo for our models.
Staff promotion girls - models or hostess of our company took part in numerous exhibition trade fairs in Germany the most various subjects, ranging from food and ending with real estate and finance (CEBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Achema). Just before the show we will prepare a staff on all aspects of the forthcoming exhibition in general and your business in particular.

Call and we will find you staff promotion girls - models or hostess as per your requirements!
Graduate modeling agencies do not always get a tempting offer, and conquer the catwalks of the world for its beauty and bearing. Sometimes they have to settle for the status of personnel for the exhibition, staff promotion girls - models, or girls-Hostess, and that's not the worst thing that frustrated waiting for the model.
What are the responsibilities of staff promotion girls - models, and what kind of personnel demanded by the organizers exhibition stands and exhibition trade fairs in Germany?
Conceiving show the achievements of the company or a new batch of goods on the trade show, the owners are increasingly attracted to pretty girls on the role of temporary staff or staff promotion girls - models. It could be a model, and translators, and Hostess, and promoters. Female hostess model with a bright appearance, dressed in fancy suits with the logo of the company-participant of exhibition trade fairs in Germany attracted attention of visitors and media representatives. Participation models - is visible branding campaign, in addition, staff promotion girls - models typically performing other functions: helping to hold a raffle, hand out flyers, inviting visitors to the exhibition stand of the desired them. This is especially true for large exhibition trade fairs in Germany (CEBIT, Hannover Messe, Ligna +, Tube, Light + Building, Hannover Industrie Messe, Drupa, Texcare International, IFAT, Automatica, Achema), when a potential partner or client is difficult to navigate and find exactly the stand that it will be interesting from a professional point of view.
Extensive communication and interest in foreign contracts necessitated the invitation as an exhibition of models of staff and interpreters. This is a staff promotion girls - models good looking, with a higher education, who know one or two foreign languages. Their mission - to promote the conclusion favorable to the organizers of the contract, and the presence of a beautiful girl in the room will work on the image of their company.
Hostess girls which also invited the girls of model appearance, usually already has experience in the exhibition trade fairs in Germany. The main objective of staff promotion girls - models, - close contact with visitors. It happens that the experts of the company did not immediately identify the organizer, for what purpose a visitor came here. Promo girls for stands should not miss the right people. Staff promotion girl - model should have basic information about the company's products, to help her make contact with those professionals who are interested in your services and products. It is hard to imagine a large exhibition with numerous staff members without staff girlspersonal; they create an atmosphere of business communication and help to establish the necessary contacts.
During important negotiations during the exhibition trade fairs in Germany opened to offer tea, coffee, drinks, bring their guests. Such concern for the client has to open communication. This task is assigned to the hostess stand - hostesses, the role assigned to the friendly good-looking girl. Staff promotion girls - hostess provides the order and cleanliness in the booth, sees to it that the visitor during the talks with the specialists of the company were filed his favorite drinks and treats.
In addition, for large-scale promotions at the show needed promotional girls for trade show-in a position to you educated boys and girls. They hand out promotional material, conduct tastings offer visitors to fill in questionnaires, which were specialists of the organizing company to collect the necessary statistical data for the analysis of market competitors, potential partners.
For exhibition trade fair in Germany has reached its goal, that it acted as a single coherent mechanism, and all participants are aware of their function, and this is drawn to the organization as a staff of experts, professionals and staff employed at the time of the number of trained models. Unable to find application in the modeling industry, a third of female models continue to build their careers in the status of staff for the show, settling later at other positions in the familiar company.