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Rental apartments in Germany, cottages, houses, rooms for rent, apartments for business travelers and visitors to Germany. A perfect alternative to hotels - cheap accommodation and Luxury apartments.  Assistance in the exhibition: translators, photographers, promo staff, hostess and models, drivers and attendants. We are ready to answer your questions in the cities of Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich.

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Cooperation and work in the field of BTL advertising.

Monday, 25 August 2014 20:05 Published in NEWS

  Nowadays the Internet has a lot of vacancies in the field of BTL-advertising. And it is quite logical, because this area develops by leaps and bounds. But there are still not enough specialists. There is quite logical fact: Agencies are ready to take employees even without experience to the team, to gradually grow them into real professionals with BTL. And what can give work in advertising for young and talented people? Many students believe that they will gain rapid career growth, sufficient salary exactly in this area. A huge advantage is that there is not only the prestigiousness of this work, but also the mood: it is always interesting and fun. Prospects are incredibly tempting, but there's the question: how to get this, where to start, to become relevant and highly paid professional in the field of BTL-advertising after a while . Now you are reading the material that will help you to gain an understanding of it. Just ask any advertiser for the interest what is his specialty. Be sure, the great variety of answers will be provided to you! Diplomaed advertisers are not enough. It's pretty simple to explain. Advertising professions in our country are a relatively new. Accordingly, there is not so great choice of higher schools where you can find the Faculty of advertising. Professionals of the most varied areas are involved in this field, because creativity and commercial component are very valuable. That is designers, copywriters and managers have equal rights. Virtually all advertisers - a self-taught experts (in the best sense of the word), because they have learned their profession during the work. Nevertheless, the young and ambitious colleagues who have graduated from university, are increasingly taking place in the advertising agencies. But their education and experience are not enough to work in this field. You also need to have some streaks of the character: - the presence of marketing thinking. Leo Burnett (classic of advertising and the founder of the world's largest advertising agency) once said, "If you cannot turn into your client, you should not do an advertising ." - But you need to be a creative person and a good seller at the same time. As the advertising - it's the same work. But advertiser must always understand that "until the goods are sold, the idea can not be considered creative." - The real advertiser must know all overt and covert desires and requirements of clients. Henry Ford said, "The secret of my success is that I am trying to understand the other person and look at things from his point of view." Therefore, every advertiser first of all should think about what the customer wants from him. That why he need skills of analytics and logical thinking, the ability to perceive and process a considerable amount of information, the ability to persuade. Creativity and imagination have primary importance for designers and copywriters. Presence of this entire characters guarantee a creation of new, original and splash ideas, texts, videos will ensure a success in your career

In short, all the employees of advertising anyway should have good intellectual facilities, keen mind, originality and non-standard approach to the task's solution. To work in the BTL-advertising you need also to develop your stress stability: a manager must be responsible for the work of dozens (or more) of strangers.

Choosing an agency you should pay your attention to the reputation of agency -is the most important selection criterion. Remember, foreign agency is the best way to quickly learn the advertising business. Yes, and it would be a big plus for your resume. But you must be ready for the strict regime. Perhaps you will often stay too long at work or have off-hour work. Stress will be your companion, so you should also learn how to be friends with him. Soon it all will pass, on conditions that you will get an

experience and learn how to correctly allocate your time. The first steps to get a job in the BTL-agency are relatively simple.

But if you have no experience you have to start to build a career from the bottom, that is, from the starting position. Project coordinator or assistant manager - that's what awaits you. A lot of work, and a small salary. But you can gain experience. If you really try, in a year (or even less then) you can become a project manager.

The next step is - the manager to work with clients or account-manager. The project manager is engaged directly in the project's implementation in the life and work with the staff, account-manager leads all major processes: from the preparation to completing documents, and work with the client. Sometimes in larger agencies recruit junior (Jr.) account-managers without experience. It is more convenient to build a successful career, because this position is more prestigious. Senior account-manager (senior, account), account-director, BTL-directory - is the next level. Having reached this position, you can easily feel qualified and highly paid BTL-specialist. It is significant that the proposed above the career path for those who decided to build a life in advertising as a manager. For the highest level of creative jobs may be the position of creative director and art director.

Germany Trade Fair 2013 News.

Friday, 18 October 2013 10:45 Published in TRADE FAIRS


Specialized exhibition Agritechnica 2013 will be held in Hannover from 10.11.2013 – till 16.11.2013. The main direction of the trade show - machine-building, agriculture and fertilizer. The exhibition is held in Hanover once in two years, in addition Agritechnica 2013 - this is an international forum, which brings together all the companies involved in agriculture and engineering. The results of the trade fair  Agritechnica 2013 2 years dictate the direction of development of the world agricultural and agro-industrial complexes. Exhibition Agritechnica began its existence since 1985 in Frankfurt am main. However, in 1995, Agritechnica 2013 moved to Hanover, where they built larger and technically equipped exhibit space, also in Hanover more developed industry hotels and private apartments. Participants and guests of the exhibition Agritechnica 2013 have an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts with partners from Europe, Asia and America.

Trade fair Agritechnica 2013 organizes the German Agricultural Society (DLG), which for more than 120 years helps develop the global farming and agriculture. The main tasks of the organizers of the Agritechnica 2013 - verification of the quality of agricultural products, development of agricultural machinery and forages for agricultural sector. Organizers of Agritechnica 2013 take active participation in all world exhibitions specializing in agriculture. Agritechnica 2011 gathered in Hanover over 415 000 participants from around the world: Netherlands (10000 visitors of the exhibition), Switzerland (9000), Austria (8400), Ireland (6100), Denmark (6000), France (5400), United Kingdom (5200), Finland (3300), Italy (3200). Poland (3200), Czech Republic (3000), Russia (2300) and Ukraine (1600).

Exhibition Agritechnica 2013 has the highest capacity of agricultural machinery in the world, with most of the exhibits farm machinery companies of European and world scale. Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover interesting and presented machines and tractors for soil cultivation and harvesting of crops, equipment for the harvesting and processing of soil, agricultural equipment on care of plants and processing of fertilizers. Special attention Agritechnica in Hanover 2013 is paid to the means of the soil and protects it from erosion.

Typically exhibition Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover begins in November, and the applications for participation in the next exhibition served to 1 February in the year of the exhibition. Therefore, in addition to concerns about the participation in the exhibition will definitely need to pay attention to the placement in Hanover and in advance to find a hotel or an apartment for rent. The matter is that at Agritechnica 2013 attracting more than 140000 businessmen, each of which is required in rental housing. In General, the hotels at Agritechnica 2013 booked already for half a year at the beginning of the exhibition, so the main way of accommodation for guests of the exhibition are apartments to rent. However, information on how to rent an apartment at the Agritechnica 2013 is not available to everyone, and contacts the owners of apartments, speaking German, but not all. Therefore, guests of the exhibition Agritechnica 2013 we strongly recommend to use the services of real estate agencies, in particular, our Agency VIP Accommodation. Specialists of the estate Agency will help you rent an apartment in Hanover daily, with special attention to nationality guests Hanover: we try to find an apartment with the owners, speaking the same language with the guests of the exhibition, to all arising questions can be solved directly in the masters. Our company offers various variants of apartments to rent in Hanover: luxury apartments, Studio apartment for rent, cheap apartments for rent, and rooms for rent. The advantages of private apartment to rent on the Agritechnica 2013 are obvious: the guests of the exhibition can save a decent amount of money, because the cost of the rooms at the hotel at Agritechnica 2013 in 3 - 4 times the rent the whole apartment. Besides apartment for rent is a comfortable, cozy, there is a kitchen where you can cook. Thus you can save money on food in restaurants. If you are a member or guest of the trade fair Agritechnica 2013, we will gladly help You to rent an apartment in Hanover, as well as help with qualified personnel, translators, promo personals, Shuttle driver and the photographer. VIP Accommodation offers a full range of services for the guests of the exhibition Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover.

Apartments for rent in Hanover 2013 2014

Hannover is a small city - the capital of Lower Saxony, however, he glorified for the whole world due to the great number of international exhibition trade shows. Annually in Hannover is more than 50 industrial, automotive, agricultural and technological exhibitions, the most popular of which are Hannover Messe 2013, Hannover Cebit 2013, EMO, Cemat and others. Hundreds of thousands  tourists come to Hannover to visit these major events have a great opportunity to see the novelties of technology, to meet potential business partners, and advertise their companies. During trade fairs the life in Hanover is changing radically: on the streets there are hundreds of tourists and guests of the exhibition, the hall of  bars and restaurants are full of guests, not to mention hotels. During exhibitions in Hanover almost all the hotels are fully occupied, but last half booked. Besides the cost of the rooms in the hotel is tripled during exhibition trade fair. This raises the problem of settlement of the apartment in Hannover: lack of accommodation for rent in the exhibitions has spawned a new kind of business - short term , daily apartments for rent in Hanover.

There are a lot of advantages of renting apartments Hannover, for example, the cost (rent apartment with 1 bathroom is 4 times cheaper than alike room in the hotel), facilities (hardly you can prepare your own food in a hotel and feel the comfort of home), availability (we always offer you variants  for rent of apartments, even when there is no free space in the hotel). However, this service is not familiar for all foreigners, because on the official sites of exhibitions advertised only expensive hotels and, and cheap but comfortable private apartments for rent - remain completely free of advertising, and information about them is extremely limited. In this case our company VIP Accommodation - certified mediator, over the years his work has earned the respect and trust of clients. We offer a full  services  of apartments for rent in Hanover, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, leasing auto, drivers, translators, promotional staff, and much more. Rent an apartment in Hanoverwith our company - is extremely easy, you contact us by phone or leave a request on the e-mail indicated in the contacts. In the application you write, «I Want to rent an apartment in Hanover, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, number of rooms, that should be close and additional facilities: Internet, cable TV, lift, balcony...» . We process your request and send you the description of apartments, together with photographs and value. Everything is very easy. But we should remember that if you early contact us, the better it will be for you to rent apartments.

Now, let's look at the main exhibition trade fairs  in Hanover, 2013 - 2014

EMO Hannover 2013
A very popular exhibition, opens a season in Hanover from 16 September - 21 September 2013. EMO Hannover 2013 called «international exhibition of Metalworking equipment».

Bionord 2013
The exhibition is held 6 October 2013 and is devoted to environmentally friendly products.

Biotechnica Hannover 2013
International exhibition of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, attracts thousands of tourists and is held from October 8 - October 10, 2013

InterGeo 2013
October 8 - October 10, 2013
International exhibition for geodesy, geoinformation and land management.

Infa Hannover 2013
A very popular exhibition among foreign tourists for marketing and information technology. From 12 October to 14 October 2013. Rent an apartment in Hanover on this exhibition is difficult, therefore, should be pre-booked apartment.

Deutsche Junggeflugelschau 2013
19 October 20 October 2013
The exhibition is dedicated to the poultry industry

infalino Babymesse 2013
International exhibition of goods for expectant mothers and children, which takes place on October 19 - 20 October 2013

Azubi- & studientage Hannover Hannover 2013
Exhibition of professional education and training, mainly in the participation of German companies. It takes 25 October - 26 October 2013

IZH 2013
October 26 - October 27, 2013
International exhibition of dogs

TrauDich! Hannover 2013
October 26 - October 27, 2013
Exhibition of wedding goods and services

Agritechnica Hannover 2013
The popular exhibition takes place on November 12 - 16 November 2013
International exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment

Pferd & Jagd 2013
December 5 - 8 December 2013
International exhibition for equestrian sports, hunting, fishing

Die Nacht Der Pferde 2013
December 6 - 7 December 2013
Annual equestrian exhibition

MiMaMo 2013
on 8 December 8 December 2013
Exhibition of horses and ponies

Interaspa 2014
January, 15 - 16 January 2014
Exhibition of technologies for growing and preparation for sale of legumes, berry cultures

Cosmetica Hannover 2014
January 25 - 26 January 2014
International exhibition of cosmetic industry

Heimtiermesse Hannover 2014
January 25 - January 26, 2014
Exhibition of Pets and pet supplies

Hochzeitstagen Hannover 2014
January 25 - January 26, 2014
Exhibition of wedding goods and services

ABF 2014
25 January - 2 February 2014

International exhibition of goods for rest

Autotage Hannover 2014
The famous automobile exhibition is held from 25 January to 2 February 2014
Exhibition of cars and accessories

Bauen + Wohnen Hannover 2014
25 January - 2 February 2014
Exhibition of technologies for construction and reconstruction of buildings

Caravan & Camping 2014
25 January - 2 February 2014
International exhibition of automobile tourism and recreation

Garten & Ambiente 2014
25 January - 2 February 2014
Exhibition of exclusive goods for garden and landscape design

CeBIT 2014
One of the most popular exhibitions will be held in Hannover on March 10 - 14 March 2014. We strongly recommend to rent apartment in advance at CeBIT Hannover 2014, as all the hotels on this time booked already for half a year. CeBIT 2014 is an international exhibition of information technologies, telecommunications, IT and consulting services

Hannover Messe 2014
On the second place of importance of exhibitions Hannover is Hannover Messe, which will be held on 7 April to 11 April 2014. International exhibition of industrial equipment, technologies and materials

CeMAT 2014
19 may - 23 may 2014
International exhibition for event and intraproductive logistics

EuroBLECH 2014
October 21 - 25 October 2014
International exhibition of processing of sheet metal

EuroTier Hannover 2014
November 11 - 14 November 2014
International exhibition for animal husbandry, poultry farming and management practices in animal husbandry

October 1 - 3 October 2013
Power and environment

Description of an exhibition of EU PVSEC 2013:

Exhibition of EU PVSEC 2013 held from 1 to 3 October 2013 in the exhibition center Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany).

Detailed information about the event (statistics, list of participants, as access to the exhibition centre and others) can be obtained at the official exhibition website EU PVSEC 2013 or on the website of the organizers (contacts, see below for the details).

For convenience, you can add EU PVSEC 2013 in your personal calendar. To do this, use The “my schedule”. This tool allows you easily and conveniently keep track of important events for You.

More information about exhibition trade fair EU PVSEC 2013:

Venue Messe Frankfurt
Web: http://www.messefrankfurt.com
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Periodicity of trade fair Annually
Organizer WISylvensteinstr. 2, 81369 Munchen, Germany

Tel: +49 89 720 12 735Fax: +49 89 720 12 791
Web: http://www.wip-munich.de/
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Official web-site http://www.photovoltaic-conference.com

Key words Solar energy, energy conservation, Water for energy, Photovoltaics, Alternative energy

The exhibited products Equipment for the conversion of solar and light energy into electricity

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